Crafting the next-generation automotive experience

Today, when most of the vehicle functions are standardized, consumers consider the Human Machine Interface (HMI) as the major differentiator. With aggressive proliferation of fully autonomous car trials, designers face new challenges such as how to connect the other digital devices seamlessly with the vehicle’s infotainment helping the OEMs to offer excellent in-vehicle experience to their visually sophisticated generation of customers.
HARMAN’s team of UI/UX designers possess expertise in information architecture, interaction design, and visual design, as well as experience collaborating with development teams. As an OEM, whether your users need a Virtual reality (VR) environment, a full-features software solution or a simple membrane interface, our UI/UX design team can plan and effortlessly execute the project for you.
HARMAN helped numerous OEMs in building the following:
  • Connected and Secure digital platforms to deliver exceptional user experience.
  • Mobile platforms with features that enable to engage the consumer anytime, anywhere and deliver personalized services
  • Intuitive Digital Interfaces to engage the auto consumers proactively
  • Develop a digital service around IoT, to surge ahead with the potential trends in the technology and design automotive products that will appeal to the mass consumer markets of the future
  • Platforms to leverage connected, electrified and autonomous vehicles to offer the consumers ‘Mobility as a service’
HARMAN has a diverse team of engineers, designers, software developers, researchers and subject matter experts who help to develop innovative solutions for the automakers. We also collaborate closely with our customers and frequently facilitate workshops and brainstorming sessions to involve their domain expertise in our design process.


Top-line Benefits

  • Helps offer personalized Connected Driving experiences and real-time service updates
  • Seamless Navigation and efficient traffic monitoring
  • Enables easy service payment options
  • Effective Fuel economy management and Vehicle performance tracking
  • Helps OEMs and Dealers offer enhanced Auto purchase experience
  • Helps OEMs monetize on the data generated through connected cars


Capabilities and Benefits

  • Connected Car Experience
  • ‘Customer First’ experience
  • Building Intelligent infotainment systems
  • Connected Dealership offering Personalized purchase experience 
  • Premium ownership experience