Ideation, Development, Integration, Tuning and Testing of Innovative Car Audio systems made easy

As cars are becoming increasingly connected, audio capabilities are becoming essential to the effective operation of the car. Automotive OEMs and Tier-One Suppliers who develop and maintain the Vehicle Infotainment and Audio systems are typically passionate about Audio and have deep relationships with existing algorithm providers. However, they are unlikely to understand the complexity of developing and integrating an audio system into an Infotainment module or Audio Domain Controller.
HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) has Engineers with profound knowledge in the field of car audio system design and evaluation. Its close collaboration of R&D, Design, Engineering (transducers, amplifiers, and tuning) and Simulation teams helps HCS reduce cost and time in developing premium sound systems for the automotive market without compromising performance or quality.
HCS has the credentials to successfully deliver audio system development and testing. HCS handles the Ideation, Development, Integration, Tuning and Testing of Innovative Car Audio systems leveraging the HARMAN AudioworX suite of tools which consists of:
  • AAT (Audio Algorithm Toolbox) - Standardized audio algorithm database with more than 200 components
  • xAF (extendable Audio Framework) - Standardized DSP framework, rapid design, quick porting on diverse hardware, with highest degree of flexibility and efficiency on the market
  • GTT (Global Tuning Tool) - Smart, seamless and intuitive access to Configure the audio algorithm database and DSP framework, Tune and control the various algorithms


Top-line Benefits

  • Comprehensive audio development solution
  • Quickly adaptable to any hardware
  • Standardized audio objects and integration of third-party objects
  • Can be easily combined with HARMAN VirtualWORKS that is based on extraordinary simulation capabilities, both reducing the need for physical samples to an absolute minimum and offering the right solution for every step of the development process
  • Simulation environment on standardized PC architecture - Enables rapid prototyping including benchmarking & performance evaluation
  • A complete solution ensuring quality, efficiency & shorter time-to-market
  • Access to all HARMAN DSP algorithms


Capabilities and Benefits

  • Ideation and Prototyping
  • Audio Processing & Control
  • Processor Expertise
  • Global Tuning Tool
  • Real-Time Measurement and Analysis
  • Onsite and offsite customized training and support