Interoperability testing and certification for In-vehicle Infotainment Systems

Smart In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems deliver an intuitive, appealing and fully connected lifestyle thus transforming in-vehicle experience. Vehicle infotainment, navigation, mobile device and telematics can be synchronized to provide a coherent system and a simple interface for the driver. Ensuring that all these components of the IVI system work together is complex as the operation needs to be assured against a background of software updates for mobile communications platforms such as Android and iOS, Automotive Projection Modes(Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and BAIDU CarLife), and interoperability with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB standards.
HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) helps auto ecosystem actors worldwide to ensure their systems connect to the other devices and offer the functionality they are designed to. By testing for interoperability as well as compliance, automakers and Tier One suppliers can save significant amounts of effort and costs in addition to protecting their brand’s reputation. HCS interoperability expertise helping connected-vehicle programs across the world includes the following but not limited to:
  • Dedicated Test Lab for Interoperability test for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Automotive Projection Modes(Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and BAIDU CarLife), Emergency Assist and OEM applications
  • #1 Third Party Lab for Google with Dedicated Test Lab for Development Test, Pre-Certification/Certification Test of Android Auto Projection. 
  • Harman is the #1 Authorized 3PL( Third Party Lab) partner for Google on Android Auto Projection (AAP) certification
  • Android Auto certification includes both bench and vehicle testing
  • Dedicated Lab set up to certify AAP on any head unit  
  • Complete access to the GAL requirements and certification process 


  • Generic Test Suite: Ready to use Test Suite created based on experience from multiple OEM programs
  • Test Execution: Geography specific execution on different carriers
  • Device Repository: Repository of  Mobile, USB and Wi-Fi devices for testing
  • Device Selection Strategy: Proven strategy for selecting devices across all geographies.
  • Metrics and Continuous Improvement: Metrics captured and analyzed on a weekly basis. Continuous improvement activities based on the Metric analysis.
  • Revenue models: Supports different types of revenue models such as Time and material, fixed price and per device based
  • Android Auto Pre-Certification lab: Experts in Android Auto certification. Dedicated team works closely with client to Green light the head units from Google support development testing and pre-certification of HU.


Top-line Benefits

  • More than 25 infotainment head unit variants certified since Jan 2016 and hence rated top most 3PL(Third Party Lab) partner by Google
  • Certified HU for multiple OEM’s for NA, EU and APAC regions
  • Inventory of 450+ phones across all handset OEMs and we can cater to IOP testing across all geographies (APAC, NA and EU).
  • Certified HU for multiple Tier-1 suppliers and aftermarket products 
  • Harman global certification team ensures certification completes to meet the SOP dates and launch the AAP
  • Support OEMs/Tier-1 suppliers file waivers and identify non –compliance early in the certification stage
  • 10K Miles Drive test experience across the globe for AAP user experience tests