Conceptualize, build, integrate and scale your applications

Consumers now expect more when it comes to purchasing and owning a vehicle. Automotive ecosystem providers increasingly look to provide convenience for drivers and in turn add value to their brand by offering mobile applications and connected telematics solutions. From next generation dealerships, to applications that proactively schedule maintenance to prevent failures and longer down-times, there is a clear shift of demand towards innovative car services.
HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) automotive engineering services enhance vehicle efficiency, performance and safety. From design to manufacturing, our years of expertise can help auto ecosystem actors with solutions to get ahead without compromising on quality. HCS delivers a unique blend of product engineering capabilities and analytics - with a design-first approach. This often helps to see the “big picture” and a customer-first orientation in a broad engineering field such as Automotive. HCS provides a full set of mobile / tablet application development and lifecycle management capabilities including but not limited to the following:
  • Application UI/UX design 
  • Custom development across all major platforms including; iOS, Android, Windows, and more. 
  • Access to pre-built HARMAN Ignite platform SDKs for vehicle management, vehicle connectivity and communication 
  • Integration of cloud based capabilities like identity, payment, analytics, remote vehicle access 
  • Integrated technical support and App Store management 
  • Internationalization and localization
With the expertise gained by working across a multitude of industries, our experts can solve complex problems deriving inspiration from elsewhere. Also, to keep up with the pace of changes in hardware and software, HARMAN is part of a strong ecosystem of partners in the automotive industry.


Top-line Benefits

  • Lower costs and faster delivery - With development and engineering offices across the globe, OEMs/Tier-1 suppliers can choose development locations based on cost or time zones for ease of communication and coordination with their teams.
  • Experienced team capable of deploying mobile and tablet applications in Automotive. Our engineering teams are trusted across the world by the top automotive OEMs.
  • Diverse engineering experts that employ rigorous agile development, quality assurance and next generation development tools to ensure quality and transparency.
  • Portable and Scalable applications - mobile applications developed in the native language. Engineers leverage open standards whenever possible which accelerates development and renders flexibility to the applications being developed.


Capabilities and Benefits

  • Pre-integrated cloud components for automotive
  • Custom application development
  • User led design approach