Testing & Interoperability Services for Automotive

In order to provide strong differentiation in automobile, Automakers and Tier One suppliers need the help of sound business applications. There is a constant pressure on automotive ecosystem actors to ensure that software is safe and reliable, that is released on time and does not result in expensive vehicle recalls. To manufacture the next generation of innovative vehicles with high quality and free of defects, they need a strong testing infrastructure. HARMAN has experience and competency in both the Automotive and Software industries to validate and certify standards across the Automotive Supply Chain and consumer markets. HARMAN Connected Services provides the following Verification and Validation services to automotive ecosystem actors.


Testing services

HARMAN has experience and competency in both automotive and software industries to validate and certify standards across the Automotive supply chain and consumer markets.

Some key highlights of HARMAN’s Automotive testing expertise:

  • Successful delivery across multiple Infotainment programs for OEMs with complete responsibility of testing across all phases of the Product Lifecycle from Unit Testing to In-Vehicle testing
  • Extensive experience in test planning, test strategy design documentation and test execution on multiple automotive infotainment projects
  • Test Automation experience across all phases of the product lifecycle from Unit Testing to System Testing
  • Vast experience in Test Automation with specialization in design, development and deployment of custom automation tools based on project requirements
  • Expert level competency across all domains of automotive infotainment like multimedia, connectivity, navigation to ensure high quality software
  • Automotive SPICE Level 3 Certified


Interoperability testing

Automakers and Tier One suppliers can save significant amounts of effort and costs in addition to protecting their brand’s reputation by testing for interoperability as well as compliance. HCS interoperability expertise helping connected-vehicle programs across the world includes the following but not limited to:

  • Dedicated Test Lab for Interoperability test for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Automotive Projection Modes (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and BAIDU CarLife), Emergency Assist and OEM applications
  • #1 Third Party Lab for Google with Dedicated Test Lab for Development Test, Pre-Certification/Certification Test of Android Auto Projection. 
  • Harman is the #1 Authorized 3PL (Third Party Lab) partner for Google on Android Auto Projection certification
  • Android Auto certification includes both bench and vehicle testing
  • Dedicated Lab set up to certify AAP on any head unit  
  • Complete access to the GAL requirements and certification process 


HARMAN Test Automation framework

Test automation helps automakers identify critical software errors well in advance of the software release. Test automation is required to simulate conditions which occur very infrequently (in the order of 1 in 10,000 trials), but are a threat to safety. Test automation reduces manual labor and enables the testing personnel to focus on identifying more challenging test cases and leaves the mundane testing to be performed by the Test Automation Framework. This type of testing also ensures reproducibility of test conditions and test case failures, thereby enabling an easy method of identifying the root cause of the errors.


HARMAN Test Automation framework can be used on Automotive Infotainment Systems across phases such as Software integration, Software qualification, System integration and System test.