Navdy with HARMAN is the world's first aftermarket heads-up driving (HUD) device that projects both mobile application information and car data information directly over the road allowing drivers to Look Forward© while Staying Connected©. The aftermarket HUD solution leverages Augmented Reality (AR) technology to project car, phone and music information directly in the driver's line of sight, creating a new type of driving experience that is both safe and satisfying. 


The Navdy with HARMAN mobile application wirelessly connects with an iPhone or android phone, and provides access to information such as: apps, destinations, contacts and settings. Navdy with HARMAN is now being offered exclusively by HARMAN to automotive OEMs through a strategic partnership and investment in Silicon Valley innovator Navdy. HARMAN is the exclusive distributor of the new co-branded aftermarket Navdy with HARMAN device to automotive OEMs, specialty auto and audio channels as well as select mobile carriers globally.

Intuitive interface

  • The driver can accept a call or message with the simple wave of his/her hand.
  • The Navdy with HARMAN Dial is the most intuitive way to scroll, zoom and navigate menus fluidly. The Dial also serves as a convenient way to access Siri® and Google Now®. It helps the driver to avoid looking down to hunt through rows of buttons or poking at the touch screen on their mobile device while driving.

Navigation made easy

  • Navdy's Projected Navigation© system is powered by Google Maps® -- with maps and directions appearing right in front of the driver.
  • Navdy offers dynamic maps as a transparent image without obstructing the driver’s view of the road. It's as easy as following the car in front of him and uniquely immersive.
  • With its own high precision GPS chip and local storage of maps, drivers don't have to worry about losing navigation even if they are out of network coverage.
  • Has voice enabled search for destinations and nearby places to find gas, coffee, food and more.
  • Helps the driver to see the next direction faster and to view alternate routes.
  • The junction view helps the driver to be at the right place at the right time with easy-to-interpret pictures of the road ahead.
  • “Report an issue” option allows the driver to provide any feedback about the map, route or directions.

Stay connected

  • Navdy with HARMAN lets the driver make and receive calls, listen to messages, control music (browse all of his playlists, artists, albums and podcasts right from the Display), receive calendar reminders and stay connected to the apps on his/her phone.
  • It also connects to the car to show the speed, RPM and automatically recommends nearby gas stations when the fuel level is low.

Eyes on the road... always

The Navdy with HARMAN mobile application wirelessly connects with an iPhone or android phone, and provides access to information such as: apps, destinations, contacts and settings.


The Navdy with HARMAN mobile application wirelessly allows the driver to connect with an iPhone or an Android phone, and allows him/her to access information such as: apps, destinations, contacts and settings.

Display that helps drivers focus on driving

  • Navdy with HARMAN has a rich, colorful, fully transparent display with unmatched clarity in any light that projects information into the distance so the road stays in focus. 
  • The auto brightness provides the right level or brightness based on current lighting conditions – and does not flicker when the cars comes under street lights or is in dappled light.
  • Navdy with HARMAN learns the driver’s brightness preferences over time.


Portable and easy storage

Works in any car with a magnetic mounting system making it effortless to carry around or store it in the glove box.

Easy to setup

Easy for anyone to set up and get rolling without tools in around 15 minutes


Thoughtful design

  • Crafted from premium materials that blend in seamlessly with the car, adding a touch of sophistication
  • The Navdy with HARMAN design can be customized based on the needs of the buying organization

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: (H X W X D): 95mm X 130mm X 140 mm
  • High impact resistant plastic, steel and aluminum
  • Full color, fully transparent image projected into the distance
  • Display brightness exceeds 30,000 nits at the combiner
  • Navdy Hand Gesture System
  • Navdy Dial
  • Ambient light sensor and Internal temperature sensors
  • Built-in GPS with dead reckoning
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • OBD-II car connection
  • 3 Navdy Mounts with magnetic connection
  • Navdy OS and Navdy Apps
  • Built-in offline maps