Real time System Monitoring and reporting

Our Universal Console also gives you access to Real time asset tracking, real-time system health monitoring, vulnerability fixes, data recovery/backups and IT consolidation.

  • Protection Without Disruption

    Irrespective of your device strategy (BYOD, COPE, or COLD) the connections between multiple devices with multiples user roles are secured with our state of the art security systems which seamlessly integrate into our universal management console and extend to every device connected to it.

  • Infinitely Scalable, Compact and Affordable

    Marimba is a compact, cloud based service which is infinitely scalable and gives secure transfer and management of data even over slower bandwidths using advanced communication protocols like MESH. This allows us to operate at lower costs and in turn, it costs you 70% less than the market rate.

  • Mobile Device and Application Integration

    Marimba allows integration with Afaria, MobileIron and other in-house products for Android and Windows Mobile. All connected mobile devices and linked applications and their users can be monitored from the Universal Console.


One Unified Dashboard (console)

Marimba provides an easy to use Universal management console to gain live and secure access to all devices or servers connected to the system. Administrators can define rules for different users and devices. This saves time and effort invested in IT systems management, learning curves and makes it easy for all users and every level to understand marimba even if they change roles within the organization. 


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