Multiple OS integration

Marimba can work it’s magic on any of the major operating systems (Windows, Linux or Apple) without a hiccup. You No longer need to worry about device compatibility issues because Marimba works for all of them with cross platform integration and policy based software distribution.

  • Automated tracking and regular reporting

    We keep you in the loop at all times with full transparency. Apart from regularly timed reports on system stats and changes. If and when we spot discrepancies in your system hardware, software, devices and applications, the system will inform you immediately. You get massive time saving benefits because Marimba will handle majority of the systems administration.

  • 24/7 technical support

    When you are in a pinch, call us and you’ll be connected to a live person every time, who will have the technical knowledge and experience required to understand your problem and find a solution as fast as possible.

  • 24/7 system uptime

    System downtime and errors are a nightmare for any organization. Marimba OS management services ensure that your systems, servers and devices are being constantly monitored. At the end Regular reports and graphs will be sent to you or your team based on your preferences.

Smart System Administration

Get an eagle’s eye view of every asset in the system and how they are connected to each other. Marimba’s smart algorithms automatically scan the system for security loop holes and every connected device is kept up to date with the latest patches, even if the connection is slow. In a nutshell: we make sure information is flowing where it needs to be flowing, so that you can concentrate on what matters most - Your business.


Case Study

Managing software distribution for pc's in 7000+ retail stores

The largest U.S. wireless communications service provider manages over 350,000 endpoints spread across 10,000 networks around the globe. Large infrastructure meant greater responsibilities on the IT team that manages it. The heterogeneous nature of infrastructure, combination of physical and virtual machines and traditional management tools made infrastructure management more expensive and the lead times longer.

Case Study

Detect and fix vulnerabilities in hours, not days

Our client, a national authority that regulates all aspects of civil aviation had more than 50,000 physical and virtual endpoints functioning on a daily basis. There were strict guidelines to ensure 100% security compliance under aggressive schedule and the client wanted a solution to achieve real-time visibility into the state of the machines and its compliance against defined security standards.