Best 3rd Party Patching

Multi Platform. Multi Lingual.

  • Efficiently automated tasks and instant reporting

    Save time and effort by automated provisioning, desktop management, operating system deployment, secure endpoint management, patch management, auto-updating patches and applications across all connected desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices in the organization regardless of operating system. Regardless of bandwidth speed. Marimba addresses these challenges while maintaining full transparency, multiple controls, peer reviews and tracking of progress. All without interrupting the company’s workflow.

  • Automated license verification and policy monitoring

    Every organization needs to have its devices run according to policy and with valid licenses. If not managed well, you leave yourself open to legal problems and unnecessary costs. Marimba scans and regularly monitors the connected devices on the organization’s network to make sure that there are no discrepancies in software licenses and policies. It scans for unsecure endpoints and recommends an immediate fix along with sending an automated report to the system admin.

  • Easy to integrate with third party services

    Marimba is cloud based and lite on resources. This means it doesn’t need additional third party apps to work its magic. However it gives users the option to integrate other applications into Marimba like: Remedy, ServiceNow and Remedyforce for Self Service. Marimba will update their patches too along with Periodic third-party auditing and certification.


Automated System Updates to all applications (including 3rd party apps)

Every system administrator knows the hassle of manually looking for problems and trying to update old software, especially in an organization which has integrated many third party software services into their infrastructure. Because of Marimba’s advanced scanning and cataloging features, it scans for all applications which require updates, certifications, license renewals, policy changes etc. and provides them seamlessly across various devices, platforms, operating systems and applications without disrupting the end user, the workflow and the company’s services. 


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