Traditional management of workflow usually results in high costs and redundancies for the company with disruption of workflow when changes or services need to be applied.

If you use Marimba, It does not matter how large the organization is, how many skills each team member has, or how different their roles may be. Marimba can account for each variable and create a unified experience across incident management, application delivery, security updates and comprehensive IT service management. All of this while making sure workflow is not disrupted in any way.

  • Workflow Monitoring with Analytics

    Live streaming, real access to service requests, pending work, deadlines and adherence practices so that early action can be taken to solve minor issues before they grow into a major issue. Marimba’s channel store is singularly capable of providing the “App Store like” experience in a corporate environment. Peer approval, free v/s paid application download, email based notifications and so much more.

  • 100% self-service automation removes the hassle of manual intervention

    Marimba gives you an easy to access, easy to use, powerful Integration with popular ITSM tools to automate software management. It enables 100% self-service automation, remote control and eliminates the need for manual intervention. An employee need only concentrate on his own job and not have to worry about software policies, updates, errors, etc. Marimba also ensures error-free delivery and closed loop approach for tracking and auditing.

  • Compact, Scalable, Affordable (it costs 70% less)

    Marimba’s smart systems and automation are based on powerful cloud computing technology. This means that marimba can scale to any size and any complexity your organization requires. These lower operating costs from our end makes sure that you pay 70% less than the market rate. We follow a subscription-based pricing model where firms pay a subscription fee per month (or year) per user. This covers everything needed to operate, including support and maintenance. It gives you a low OPEX without any of the CAPEX investment required for on-premises hardware and software licenses.

  • Efficiency in Ticket management and allocation of resources

    Now you no longer need to physically ask every agent or employee for what they need to meet their goals. Marimba’s system automatically gauges their customer’s demand based on ‘Tickets’ or incident reporting and provides solutions to fill the gap. The provisions for Tenant versus super-administrator role distribution makes sure that there is sufficient over-watch from team leaders or management, without disrupting the workflow of team members.

  • Teams grow closer with Marimba (monitor skills, requirements and progress)

    Marimba gives team members the ability to comment, post and communicate in the system with easy and efficiency. Detailed customizable automated analytics reports on every employee in the system can help in coaching to improve targeted skillsets; or help management make the right decisions. They grow stronger together and you’ll get data on how to help them and the organization grow.

  • Coordinate streamlined communication across the board

    Analytics from multiple branches and offices can be simultaneous tracked and presented as data to use in managerial decisions like allocation of funds, new training programs etc. The easy to apply user role or authority levels in Marimba makes sure that approval for new tasks are streamlined easily with various heads of the various departments. So that they can coordinate faster and privately with more easy and efficiency than ever before right from the Marimba system.


Platform Agnostic Automation

Built in workflow processes for 3rd party ITSM tools


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