HARMAN's Strategic Partnership with ARCAD

Our alliance with ARCAD Software, a leading vendor in DevOps and Modernization solutions for IBM i is set to provide continuous application delivery on the platform. We bring a class of solutions that boost productivity and agility, empowering businesses to modernize their IBM i systems at all levels easily.
HARMAN aims to integrate ARCAD solutions and services across its customer base using our team of ARCAD-certified consultants. In addition, as DevOps and digital transformation increase the need for information security, we also offer services around ARCAD’s data masking technology to protect the privacy of personal data in the context of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why Modernize?

The strategic technology partnership between ARCAD and HARMAN helps enterprises harness the full potential of IBM I (aka iSeries, AS/400) application by aligning software development with business goals throughout the cycle. Through modernization, we focus on providing organizations with the right user interfaces and easy-to-maintain applications for future business requirements. Encouraging structured development, ARCAD Software’s methodology for modernization includes three phases:

  • Analyze - analysis of the existing system including, infrastructure and applications
  • Structure - structuring of the development environment
  • Transform – re-engineering of the user interface, business logic, source code and database

Furthermore, this all-inclusive and seamless approach to simplify modernization secures the process and reduces the risk of error. 

An agile approach to enterprise modernisation

At HARMAN, we implement an incremental plan based on well-defined milestones to modernize an enterprises’ core business-critical applications and introduce DevOps tooling and methodologies. The DevOps know-how and automation brought by ARCAD combined with the international delivery capability of HARMAN will provide new growth opportunities for companies seeking a low-risk means of leveraging their existing software assets while exploiting the benefits that new technologies offer.

The key elements of the ARCAD-HARMAN partnership offering are:

IBM i Modernization – ARCAD Modernization as a Service (MaaS) comprises solutions and services to automate the transformation of IBM i application source code, database and user interface to modern industry standards (free-form RPG and SQL). Also, automation eliminates risk in the modernization process, opens applications to a new generation of developers, and reduces IT maintenance cost.

DevOps – ARCAD for DevOps - automated and continuous integration, build, test and deployment of multi-platform applications reduces time to market and secures application reliability. Moreover, the increased delivery frequency and a shorter feedback loop prevents errors and lowers development costs.

Data Masking – DOT-Anonymizer – automated anonymization during the extraction of test data from production prevents the risk of a data breach and is a key factor in compliance with data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR). The simplicity of implementation and ease-of-use makes DOT-Anonymizer a low-risk and cost-effective solution for data privacy. 

Extending automation in the modernization process

Advancing our mission to create accessible, enterprise-wide modernization for the IBM i platform, our coherent solutions for managing hybrid applications along the path to modernization are: