Delivering Simplified Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

According to the new International Data Corporation spending guide, the worldwide spending on IoT is set to reach nearly $1.4 trillion by 2021. A modern, simple to manage, cost-effective, and scalable edge infrastructure is required to combat data deluge from various IoT endpoints. Identifying new market opportunities, VMware and HARMAN are realizing the true value of IoT by bringing together a wide range of software and services that capture, interpret, and perform actions on the data produced by multiple IoT endpoints.


Companies implementing IoT strategies will need comprehensive solutions that focus on specific market segment requirements. Our combined solution is designed to deliver an elastic and optimized network infrastructure that will further enhance the IoT user experience and the delivery of innovative services.

VMware Alliance

Expanding our strategic collaboration to meet the reliability requirements of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and automobile manufacturers', we are integrating VMware IoT solutions into HARMAN's OTA update solution. Furthermore, HARMAN's OTA update solutions paired with the VMware vCloud® NFV™ platform and end-to-end IoT operational management solution allow operators to expand their services into new markets as they transform network architectures towards 5G. 


"Organizations across industries are looking to bridge the gap between operational technology and information technology to maximize the potential of IoT," said Mimi Spier, vice president of IoT Business at VMware. "In HARMAN we have a partner that is a clear industry leader and can deliver enterprise-grade implementation, management, and security of IoT to meet the demands of a scalable, global IT infrastructure."

An End-To-End IoT Management Solution

We develop industry-specific IoT bundles that consist of VMware's IoT solutions and HARMAN's packaged industry offerings including, hardware, software, design, implementation and management of IoT services for customers.


  • On-premise full offering - IoT Cloud in a Box (VCF +ICC) + HARMAN packaged offering
  • On-premise without data center components (ICC + HARMAN packaged offering)
  • SaaS - (ICC + HARMAN packaged offering)


In addition, we provide system integration services to VMware customers with an existing IoT deployment and provision the launch of innovative services through fully virtualized mobile core networks such as emergency calling, high-definition video conferencing and more.

IoT Designed to Accommodate Enterprise Grade and Scale

Addressing massive scaling and management requirements, we are bringing significant IoT advancements in various industry vertical markets such as:



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