Today with the growing data requirements, organizations are in a continuous look out for the ability to scale their analytics workloads and extend their performance through parallelized algorithms that supports multi-threading. The convergence of these two capabilities form a basis for comprehensive analytics platform like Microsoft R which offers agility and innovation at the same time. Growing talent pool of R in the market because of its tighter integration with the academia is an added advantage. Finally with IT budgets coming under increasing pressure to shift gears from Capex to Opex, licensing is an obvious area where cost reductions can be achieved.
Here are Top 5 reasons why you should consider migrating to Microsoft R:
  • Supports Big Data analytics at enterprise scale
  • Microsoft R also provides customizations and helps build assurance by providing a cost effective enterprise production support
  • Enterprise readiness  with cross platform compatibility
  • Flexibility & Agility (in terms of deploying On-Premise vs Azure Cloud)
  • Speeds up your time to value
Why HARMAN Connected Services? 
Migration from SAS to R requires careful planning and seamless execution without impacting the usual business activities. At HARMAN Connected Services we specialize in large scale HADOOP + R projects many of which have been migrated from SAS.With 1500+ analytics professionals, we have the combination of certified R data scientists, Hadoop professionals and domain experts with deep experience in building and executing the SAS to R transition roadmap.
R is becoming the analytics platform of choice for large enterprises across the world saving them millions of dollars each year and getting them future ready! Find out how HARMAN Connected Services is helping leading enterprises achieve achieve breakthrough savings – up to $2M in 3 years by migrating from SAS to R.
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