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Context is the key towards deriving valuable business insights from the large volumes of data that are being generated from machines, devices and sensors. Enterprises are constantly looking at new ways to "Elevate" the way they function and identify new channels of revenue and profitability. Seamless communication and intelligent automation driven by data is what connects the various component of today's enterprise: the employee, the supplier and the customer. The era of the Connected Enterprise is here!

Connect 4 : What it takes to be a connected enterprise

The cusp of design, data and devices are enabling organizations to utilize their data better to gain insights on business transformation. Enterprises are seeking improved means to stay connected.

Setting your foundation for a connected enterprise

HARMAN’s expertise in organizational transformation is helping companies stay connected better and utilize the data generated to provide improved overall experiences. We are pioneers in accelerating transformation in a connected world.

Connected Experiences

Design will guide the way

Creating the face of interactivity


Seamlessness in interacting with tools and processes will create better experiences among customers and employees. With software and products playing an integral role in transforming enterprises, UI/UX plays an integral role in building a better foundation for easy access and simplified use of technology. Design thinking will help holistically develop tools and products, while customer first experiences will ensure the user is able to maneuver through the product or application with ease. 

Connected data

Data is the new currency

Insights are harnesses to help businesses make critical decisions faster 


Sensors, wearables, mobile devices, systems of engagement and a range of other sources are consistently generating data. Big Data is consuming the world around us, and harnessing the large volume, velocity and variety of data, provides organizations with insights that allow them to disrupt their industries. Tapping into the Big Data opportunity provides companies the competitive edge to create intuitive, engaging and compelling experiences for their customers. However, the imminent need to manage and analyze the large volumes of data that are generated have left organizations grappling for meaningful insights. 

Connected cloud

Re-invent simplicity with the cloud

It’s all in the air and then on your fingertips.


The cloud offers scalability and flexibility to seamlessly use infrastructure, operations and applications, at low maintenance and better management. Rapid processing capabilities on the cloud and the ability to draw insights anytime, has compelled CTOs and CIOs to make the shift, and invest more in cloud based technologies. With big data analytics solutions being made available on the cloud, there is a massive opportunity for enterprises to successfully gain insights or their organization or their customer, to personalize solutions that have a direct impact on their business and revenues.  

connected iot

IOT is the pivot of the connected enterprise

$2 trillion is up for grabs, and the Internet of things is the combination to the safe


The interconnectivity of devices and their ability to draw insights from the vast amounts of data generated, allows businesses to make decisions faster and autonomously to improve their operational efficiency. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to connect devices and allow cross-device communication that enable rapid business decision making through minimal human intervention. IoT is the pivot that allows a business to transform into a digital business, providing industries the opportunity to explore channels of new forms of revenue. A connected enterprise, leverages the potential of IoT, by integrating sensors and devices into their current operational model, while planning for upgrades in their IT that are seamlessly compatible in an Internet of Things led world. 



The three assets of every organization are the success pillars of every connected enterprise

Connect the Employee

Connect the Employee

Provide your employees with autonomous systems that help them make faster and better business decisions

Connect the Customer

Connect the Customer

Stay with your customer through every step of their journey and engage them by staying consistently connected

Connect the Supplier

Connect the Supplier

Automate your demand and supply, allow your vendors to be a part of the larger system with connected alerts


Successful connected enterprise is able to harness data from employees and customers and leverage them to provide better experiences, while managing their operational efficiency and growing their revenues. HARMAN has transformed the way we function internally by connected our systems, devices, data and experiences to transform our business into a connected one. We are staying ahead in a connected world and we can help you get there with a range of services.

  • Connect the Platforms

    - System integration
    - Product engineering
    - Software development
    - Cloud

  • Connect the Experiences

    - UI/ UX
    - Cloud

  • Connect the Data

    - Analytics
    - OTA

  • Connect the Devices

    - Sensors and embedded technology
    - Product engineering

Here’s how we transform you into a Connected Enterprise

HARMAN has transformed the way we function internally by connected our systems, devices, data and experiences to transform our business into a connected one. We are staying ahead in a connected world and we can help you get there

Minimum Viable Product


Rapid product engineering to get a usable prototype to market and test it with your audience


Agile Practices

Make iterations and continuous integrations on the go for faster time to market



Enable better collaboration between your development team and operation team



Everything you need to get started on your Connected Enterprise Transformation

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