Next-gen in-vehicle networking solution

Telechips, a fabless IC company headquartered in Seoul, founded in 1999. It has been introducing market-leading products with cutting edge technology including Systems on Chip (SoC) used in Smart Car Infotainment (Car Audio, Car AVN, DAB/DMB, Digital Radio).
Telechips wanted to help automakers take driving to higher levels of safety and convenience by providing them with in-vehicle networking solutions with superior entertainment features. Telechips asked HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) to enable an Ethernet AVB (E-AVB) demonstration on the Telechips reference board to showcase E-AVB functionality to potential automotive customers. The reference board uses a Telechips TCC8931 main application processor (The Target Platform) running Linux.
The E-AVB demonstration enables showcase of use cases such as source, deliver, receive and playback stereo audio and H.264 video.
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