With Information and Data being the most important assets for all organizations and individuals alike, protecting the data by means of backup with highly dependable recoverability is absolutely critical. While the data is growing exponentially the RTO/RPO SLAs are becoming increasingly demanding. Also with the data being spread on user devices, corporate data centers as well as cloud storage, there is an increasing need for Backup and Data Protection solutions to support diverse environments.

Shorten time to market with EIT

HARMAN Connected Services has been working with several different types of Backup and Data Protection products for over a decade. We help our data protection product vendors to shorten the time to market for new features while keeping the costs down. A few of our offerings in this space include: 


  • Sustenance engineering, QA and technical support for Backup and Data Protection products
  • New and modern UI development using cutting edge technologies like Angular JS, D3 JS, Node JS, HTML 5, CSS 3 etc.
  • Integration of array with VMware ecosystem including vCenter Plugin
  • Integration with Microsoft ecosystem – SCVMM plug-ins, Hyper-V integration
  • OS Specific Agents on Windows, Linux and UNIX variants
  • Application aware agents/connector development for applications such as databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL server etc.), MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, NoSQL systems such as MongoDB, Hadoop and other big data technologies etc.
  • Development of connectors to cloud storage such as AWS S3, MS Azure