Any data repository or storage system that uses flash memory is called Flash Storage. Flash memory was common with smaller systems, but is now becoming increasingly common with larger systems. The connected devices and storage infrastructure market is increasingly seeing a wider adoption of Flash memory in storage systems, wearable devices, embedded systems and smartphones.

Faster time to market with EIT

HCS' deep expertise in All-Flash-Array (AFA) technology accelerates time-to-market for AFA & Hybrid Storage providers, offering their customers the hottest features, functionalities, integrations and readiness.
HCS offerings and capabilities include:
  • Designing & Developing Management UI using cutting edge technologies like Angular JS, D3 JS, Node JS, HTML 5, CSS 3 etc.
  • Analytics & custom reports
  • Developing Backend support for Management UI - CLI and REST APIs.
  • Developing backend modules like Health Monitor, Notification, Streaming service.
  • Integration of array with VMware ecosystem - vCenter Plugin, SRM/SRA, VAAI, VASA
  • VMware logo certifications: VAAI, SRM, Hardware certification
  • End–to-end testing of AFA, from Management Console to Flash Management Layer
  • Developing Automation Frameworks and integration with CI setup.