In spite of the tremendous marketing buzz around cloud storage and other cutting edge technologies, it is a fact that huge majority of the production systems including almost all the mission critical applications run on SAN and NAS based primary storage. However it is critical for these proven systems to continue to support the evolution of infrastructure around them to ensure that the customers are happy and the products are relevant.

Mitigate excessive storage costs with EIT

HCS’ expertise has us working closely with several marquee NAS/SAN storage systems vendors for over a decade, having developed rich capabilities that help our storage array vendor customers quickly develop their roadmap as well as ensure that the R&D costs are kept under control. Some of our offerings in this space include:
  • Sustenance engineering, QA and technical support for NAS/SAN storage systems
  • New and modern UI development using cutting edge technologies like Angular JS, D3 JS, Node JS, HTML 5, CSS 3 etc.
  • Integration of array with VMware ecosystem - vCenter Plugin, SRM/SRA, VAAI, VASA
  • VMware logo certifications: VAAI, SRM, Hardware certification
  • SMI-S provider development
  • Integration with Microsoft ecosystem - SCVMM plug-ins, Hyper-V integration
  • Solutions engineering for applications such as databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL server etc.), MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, NoSQL systems such as MongoDB, Hadoop and other big data technologies etc.