Porting Driver Personal Settings From Car to Car

As new car ownership models become available such as car and ride sharing services, it will become more important than ever before to leverage a cloud-based driver profile service to apply a consumer’s personalized settings to any vehicle they drive.


The Cloud-based Driver Profile service based on the HARMAN Ignite platform allows drivers to create an account for this service. Drivers can save information including options for setting the temperature, seat and mirror positioning, favorite radio presets, infotainment applications and other more personal items. It syncs all of driver’s personal settings to the cloud, thus enabling a driver to ‘log in’ to a car and transfer all settings before driving begins. All that is needed is a mobile application and login credentials to maintain the account.


With the help of cloud-based driver profile service, multiple “driver profiles” can be maintained per vehicle. Examples of personal settings that can be configured in the cloud include but not limited to:

  • Interior Temperature - visually shown in HVAC control screen in head unit
  • Customized music services - that an individual has subscribed to, or has selected
  • Favorites – displaying favorite stations or types of content
  • Recent and frequent navigation destinations


Top-line Benefits

  • Offered as a subscription service 
  • Increases the adoption rate of car sharing and ride sharing models 
  • Select the driver profile from the mobile app before entering the car 
  • Improves the connected in-vehicle experience 


Features and Benefits

  • Framework to form and store personalized identity
  • Recommendation engine to enable relevant and contextual suggestions to the driver
  • A driver’s personal settings is secure and inaccessible by another user.
  • Multiple profiles can be maintained for a single user
  • Combating vehicle and identity theft