Effortlessly Access Your Favorite Content On-the-Go

With HARMAN Content Personalization, automakers can offer the best internet-based audio source in their vehicles. Users of HARMAN Content Personalization can listen to the latest episode of their favorite podcast without having to sync their smart phone, have Tweets read to while driving, or tune in to their favorite radio stream and much more. With all their favorites organized as presets in the same list, drivers/users can access their content effortlessly. HARMAN Content Personalization is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the vehicle services offered in the vehicle infotainment center. 


HARMAN Content Personalization integrates web-based information and entertainment in vehicles with the use of a simple, radio-like interface. It allows easy access and organization of favorite web content on a mobile device and seamlessly integrates the experience with the vehicle. HARMAN’s state of the art technology and advanced features meet drivers’ increasing demands for a better infotainment experience.


Top-Line Benefits

  • A cost-efficient and single global integration for leading content providers
  • Wide breadth of content
  • Proven success
  • Unified API allows for seamless content providers swaps
  • Integrated with HMI
  • Account provisioning capabilities
  • Modular structure enabling partial adoption of service
  • Recommendation engine provides accurate suggestions to users


Features and Benefits

  • Multiple integration options
  • Personalized content from over 100,000 stations
  • Location-based stations
  • Aha Radio service is available in 70+ Countries
  • Contextual and relevant recommendations
  • Content license management
  • Cloud-based content integrations
  • Data services to head-unit applications
  • Native HMI experience