Easily deploy multiple Personal Assistants for different purposes

Personal Assistants can enhance the in-vehicle experience with full conversations to support complex requests. The results are reduced driver distraction, increased features and functions available through voice instruction, and lower learning curve with no need to remember “commands.” There are multiple successful intelligent agents used in the market today, each with access to different sets of data and with different specialized focus areas. Together, their strengths complement each other. 
Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and others are key cloud-based solutions in the ever-evolving world of Personal Assistants. Now, you can deploy multiple Personal Assistants in your vehicle with one integration. HARMAN Ignite provides the cloud orchestration and supplemental skills for OEMs need to achieve this type of deployment. This unique feature enhances the Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing functions traditionally found in vehicles with the cloud-based features of popular Personal Assistants.

Fully conversational solutions for the Vehicle

Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant Solution from HARMAN supplements Personal Assistants’ cognitive services by adding skills focused on driver activities. Engaging a vehicle’s cruise control or adding waypoints to a destination require some skill development for the various Personal Assistants. With HARMAN Ignite, the right skills are available to support in-vehicle or home-to-vehicle features (e.g., remote start, etc.), and the list continues to grow.


Top-line Benefits

  • Allows multiple passengers to use their preferred Digital Personal Assistant of choice
  • Increases speed to market by using a pre-defined solution based on the HARMAN Ignite Platform
  • Full conversations to support complex requests
  • Reduces driver distraction
  • Adds flexibility with multiple Personal Assistants
  • Can be offered as a subscription service 


Features and Benefits

  • Provides flexibility with multiple Personal Assistants
  • Uses real-time cloud-based data for better results
  • Continuous development expands capabilities over time
  • Supports in-vehicle and home-to-vehicle functions
  • Supplements embedded solutions with more capabilities
  • Low operating cost