Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms to accelerate Connected Vehicle programs

Most design considerations and manufacturing operations in automotive are largely based on human experiences. Big Data in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms is helping OEMs to increase the level of accuracy in decision making, analyzing vehicle performance and determining business outcomes. With a remarkable ability to discover hidden relationships among data sets and make contextual and relevant predictions, Machine Learning Algorithms have become an important component of emerging vehicle technologies. 
HARMAN Intelligent platform includes machine learning algorithms to support a variety of connected vehicle solutions including personalization, Analytics, Driver Monitoring, and Vehicle Health and Diagnostics. More algorithms are being developed and refined every day.  The development of machine learning algorithms requires significant data to promote learning and to validate results.  Deploying pre-built algorithms requires significantly less effort and results in faster deployment times and lower cost. The platform’s Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities enable OEMs to continue to update and refine the algorithms once installed in the vehicles.

A Spot Solution or Complete Platform

Algorithms are developed to support analysis and any single algorithm can be independently deployed in the vehicle or accessed from the HARMAN Ignite cloud platform.  The HARMAN Ignite Platform can manage ongoing data collection, algorithm refinement and subsequent update of the software in the vehicle.


Top-line Benefits

  • Reduces time to deploy by using pre-defined solutions
  • Focused on several vehicle functions
  • Proven track record in the automotive industry for various vehicles
  • Flexible enough to be deployed individually or though HARMAN Ignite
  • Enables continued refinement of algorithms
  • Offered as a subscription service


Features and Benefits

  • Flexible for individual deployment or through HARMAN Ignite platform
  • Provides ability to update and refine based on additional data
  • Supports a wide variety of use cases
  • The data scientists at HARMAN are domain experts and are experienced in selecting the correct algorithms for any scenario in automotive