Pre-packaged SaaS solution to enable fast deployment of parental control functionality

This solution provides peace of mind to parents of new drivers or anyone with a desire to remotely monitor the status of their vehicle.  HARMAN Ignite provides the features and functions for an OEM to develop and maintain a mobile application that enables owners to remotely monitors their vehicle’s location and status.  


Any parent of a young driver knows the loneliness and insecurity of not knowing where his/her child is during a late-night outing or when they are driving back to college or university. HARMAN’s Ignite Parental Controls Solution provides OEMs with a robust and scalable solution to empower parents to monitor the driving behavior of these young drivers.

Feature Rich Solution

The HARMAN Ignite Parental Control Solution includes complete features to set passive alerts or to visualize real-time vehicle data. Owners can define custom alerts to notify them when their vehicle enters and/or leaves specifically defined geographical areas.  Alerts can include specific times of day and/or days of the week, and can combine to set-up unlimited combinations.
In addition, real-time vehicle monitoring includes the ability to monitor the vehicle location and the status of the vehicle itself, including the status of the ignition, door locks, trunk, windows, and alarm.  HARMAN Ignite also monitors critical vehicle sensors, including fuel level, coolant temperature, oil level and temperature, tire pressure, engine RPMs, vehicle speed, washer fluid level, battery life, and odometer. 
HARMAN Ignite includes “valet mode” to quickly set an alarm providing notification when the vehicle moves more than a specified distance from its current location.  This feature assures owners that a parking attendant drives directly to and from the vehicle’s designed parking location within the constraints of local speed limits.


Top-line Benefits

  • Provide peace of mind to parents of young drivers
  • Remotely monitor vehicle health
  • Use valet mode to monitor other drivers
  • Review trip histories
  • Monitors hard acceleration/ braking
  • Offered as a subscription service 


Features and Benefits

  • Vehicle locator
  • Geofence management
  • Vehicle status and Monitoring
  • Monitor trip logs
  • Provides valet mode
  • Creates driver scores
  • Supports service manager