Business Critical Information At A Glance

Access to necessary, actionable, business-critical information enables everyone to execute their duties effectively and efficiently. The Vehicle Analytics Dashboard solution enables innovative business models by integrating vehicle telematics data and analytic insights with customer and business data. The solution showcases how Automakers, Dealers, and Insurance Companies can leverage HARMAN Analytics capabilities to gain real-time, contextual and predictive insights on vehicle health, driving behavior, consumer (buying) behavior to drive improvements in the areas of customer experience, product management (Research & Development) and marketing/sales campaigns.

Gain real-time, contextual and predictive insights

HARMAN Vehicle Analytics Dashboard provides a comprehensive suite of vehicle analysis tools that are broadly divided into two main dashboard portals. The underlying data set can be utilized from the HARMAN solution, or adapted to a customer’s own data cloud.


Micro-Analytics Portal – This dashboard includes a view of an individual vehicle for a single day and typically used for causal analysis of an issue. 


Macro-Analytics Portals – This consists of individual, specialized reports that are broken into multiple usage domains (Product Management, Quality, HMI Optimization and more). Each of these domains have a focused set of data presentations that allow a user to view data across a selection of vehicles. 


Top-line Benefits

  • Analysis based on real-time sensor data
  • Analytics to improve vehicle performance
  • Increases speed to market 
  • Seamlessly manage multiple projects
  • A robust and scalable development platform
  • Runs real-time evaluations and predictions


Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Implementation to run in multiple OEM Environments (AWS, Azure, on-premise)
  • PaaS Cloud deployment
  • Focused visualization models targeted to meet automotive needs
  • Enhanced Analytics guidance
  • Centralized platform for data management
  • Reduces costs through improved operating, process planning, and control efficiency