Adjust to the Fast growing Vehicle-to-Everything Connectivity Market

Visiongain’s report1 on the Global Automotive “Vehicle-to-Everything” (V2X) market states that V2X is undeniably one of the fastest growing aspects of the automotive industry. It will generate more than $37 billion in revenue and sales of vehicles equipped with V2X modules will amount to 47.1 million vehicles in 2016. V2X technology facilitates autonomous communication between vehicles, and between vehicles and infrastructure to improve road safety, alleviate traffic congestion, and reduce fuel and energy consumption thus enhancing the overall driver/passenger experience.


1 Automotive Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Communications Market 2016-2026

Accelerate Development of V2X Applications

HARMAN Ignite Platform integrates with other platforms like smart homes (Vehicle-to-Home), smart infrastructures, and even Vehicle-to-Vehicle – which helps simplify, streamline and enhance end-user experiences. The Vehicle Connect Solution from HARMAN accelerates the development of V2X applications for Automakers and Tier 1 suppliers. Using this solution they can build and customize applications such as driverless cars, road safety, house safety, collision warning, road hazard warning and intelligent transport systems. The solution is platform agnostic and can work with any target operating systems.

The Vehicle Connect solution includes a scalable cloud-based platform and API’s, and an integrated client (mobile application & embedded). It is also offered as a white-labeled solution if desired. 
With the help of the Portal Personalization solution offered as SaaS over the HARMAN Ignite Platform, the V2X applications can be further customized enabling services and automating features that support user’s unique driving and digital lifestyle.


Top-line Benefits

  • Enhances customers' digital lifestyle
  • Automatically triggers user preferences 
  • Simplifies and streamlines user interactions 
  • Federate the drivers preferences across an IoT ecosystem
  • Offered as a subscription service 


Features and Benefits

  • Rapid development and faster time-to-market via a pre-integrated solution
  • Alerts and warnings to take preventive and corrective actions
  • Embedded and integrated user experience
  • Enables building of numerous applications for road safety and home safety
  • Portable personalization (optional add-on service)