Cloud: The Backbone for Everything-as-a-Service

If you haven’t noticed already, Cloud is the new normal. Whether entering new markets, creating disruptive business models, taking a product to market faster or driving a differentiated customer experience, Cloud is the backbone of every strategy of Digital Enterprise.


Navigating the modern digital enterprise ecosystem can be complex. Let our cloud experts conceptualize, execute and run your world of connected systems, data lakes, microservices DevOps, and server-less architectures, adaptable security, ultra-short lead time-to-market and instant customer feedback.


With deep domain expertise, capabilities in AI and partnerships with leaders such as Microsoft and AWS, we help you achieve business transformation at speed with the right economics.

Infrastructure for the Connected Enterprise

From SMBs to fortune 500 companies, businesses trust us to handhold them through their Cloud and digital journey. Our understanding of automation in an enterprise ecosystem, leadership in connected data systems and IoT, experience of leading innumerable cloud-led digital transformation journeys for clients and access to market-leading technology innovators helps us deliver great value to our clients.


Strategic Consulting

Find your way through the cloud chaos with the right advice at the right time, innovative frameworks and approaches and transformative solutions. Pave the way for innovation and benefit from cloud programs tailored to your specific business needs, on the back of our domain expertise. Our team of cloud and business experts will help you articulate your roadmap, assess gaps, conceptualize applications, define the architecture, select the right technology combinations and future-proof business infrastructure. 

Devise a coherent long-term strategy with our consulting services that maximize the cloud for your business with accelerated time-to-market, optimized IT infrastructure, virtualized processes, increased collaboration, and enhanced customer experience.

• Readiness assessment

• Multi-cloud strategy definition

• Commercialization roadmap

• Cloud best-fit enablement


Application Engineering

Implement and manage your transformation roadmap to becoming a connected enterprise. We at HARMAN provide you the capability to conceptualize, build, integrate and scale your applications. From bespoke application development to modernizing legacy applications, our comprehensive application engineering services portfolio will leave no stone unturned on your digital journey. By harnessing the powers of automation, AI and business intelligence, industry thought leadership and service acceleration assets into our services, we help you stay ahead of your competition in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

• Product/platform modernization

• PaaS and SaaS implementation

• Enterprise application integration

• Customer-centric mobile/web apps



Migration Services

Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of ‘if’ for the new age enterprise. The questions of ‘when’ and ‘how’ invariably find answers with us. We understand that transition to the cloud goes beyond applications to people, process, and culture. We at HARMAN simplify this transition to a new state of infrastructure by effectively blending cloud into your business. Our partnerships with leading cloud providers – AWS and Microsoft give us the edge to unblock issues and ramp up faster on engineering and migration. From hybrid IT solutions, infrastructure transformations, we accelerate business outcomes and help you realize returns on your migration investments faster.

• Hybrid IT solutions

• Infrastructure transformation

• Enterprise application migration

• Data center modernization


Managed Services

Steer your business to deliver a reliable, cost-effective and consistent customer experience. In the era of cloud-first and cloud-only businesses, we provide managed services that help you stay in control once your business is on the cloud. Our managed services teams monitor cloud operations, remediate issues, track usage and costs, analyze cloud data and optimize service levels on an ongoing basis for your business. Our AI capabilities allow us to custom-deploy BOTS to drive a conversational enterprise approach to managed services. With efficient and agile cloud management in place, you can focus on maximizing innovation and developing the competitive edge.

• Hosting and continuous monitoring

• Intelligent CloudCare

• Preventive operations and optimization

• SLA-led support services



Next-generation offerings

Journey to the cloud is a big step for an enterprise. Future-proofing the business is a bigger one. HARMAN’s next-generation cloud solutions, architected for tomorrow’s business, help you precisely take that bigger step.  With the right blend of technologies, processes, industry standards, security and engineering skills, we help you unlock efficiencies, build new capabilities and stage readiness for your business growth. From security management and hybrid cloud deployments to cloud-native engineering and orchestration of containerization, our solutions ensure your business is always ready to deliver. 


Cloud Security

Security is a multi-layered challenge in the world of a connected enterprise and a market where everything-as-a-service is set to be the norm. With cloud being the infrastructure backbone for enterprise connectivity, security is integral to any cloud strategy. Our experts identify risks based on your chosen path to digital transformation and collaboratively develop a comprehensive cloud security strategy to help achieve your goals.  Our security implementations cut across applications, data, and infrastructure, helping clients manage a secure cloud ecosystem.  

• Secure cloud deployment

• Security assessments 

• Identity and access management



Hybrid Cloud (Microsoft Azure)

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure allows you to maximize your existing on-premise investments. Bring in the agility of cloud and adopt the cloud on your terms with the Azure Hybrid deployment.  Extend Azure, to build a consistent hybrid cloud where you can use common skills across on-premise and Azure workloads.Create a single centralized window to manage heterogenous platforms. Our Hybrid Cloud Services simplify management, help you migrate data centers and drive cost optimizations across the enterprise.

• Cloud and on-premise apps managing together

• Production and DR on separate cloud platforms

• Single window of management across heterogeneous platforms



Cloud Integration

Connect the dots in your digital enterprise with our Cloud Integration services. Bring together your world on-premise applications, hybrid clouds, public clouds and private clouds onto a single platform. Whatever be your environment, we help you build, deploy and manage your integrations.  From API and Data management to workflow integrations, our Cloud Integration services help you create a single platform to streamline your operations, innovate faster, create consistent customer experiences and outdo the competition.

• Integration services across apps on-premise and on-cloud

• Partner with Dell Boomi, Informatica, IBM Cast Iron

• Capabilities on open source integration frameworks, Mulesoft



Certification and Compliance

Compliance demands can be overwhelming and tedious for an enterprise on the journey to Cloud. Our certification and compliances services de-risk any security and regulatory breaches. No matter who the cloud provider, our services adopt a dynamic approach to data protection and managing industry-specific regulations, with continuous monitoring, application specific policy creation, and building traceability. HARMAN is also an accredited 3rd party assessor and certified for vendor assessment and authorization.

• FedRamp compliance

• Accredited 3rd party assessor (3PAO)

• FIPS compliance


• Vendor Assessment and Authorization (A&A) 


Cloud Native App Engineering

Respond to your customer and market demands faster than ever before Cloud native apps. HARMAN’s Cloud-native app engineering services help you move the needle from saving IT costs to revving business growth by capitalizing on infinite computing power available on demand and new age data/application services. We help you create and manage Cloud-native platforms that can automate and support continuous delivery, microservices, and containers.

• App engineering skills with Cloud native

• Build and manage cloud-native platforms

• Expertise with Cloud Foundry, OpenStack

• Expertise with Mesos, Kubernetise and other platforms


Cloud API Management

Share digital assets as application programming interfaces (APIs) beyond traditional applications and websites with business partners to create business networks and cross-company collaboration. Design, secure, deploy, monitor and scale APIs with our full lifecycle API management services. Unlock the value of data and build a robust digital ecosystem.

• Build and manage API ecosystem for legacy systems

• Modernize traditional systems enabling APIs for the cloud

• Build expertise and partnerships with Apigee, WSo2



Gain better control over your deployments reduces outages with containerization. We offer focused orchestration of containerization ecosystems such as docker. Our team of experts manages to deploy, maintain, and scale containerized applications across multiple hosts. With our ability to migrate container workloads to specific service providers, we offer portability of full applications.

• Containerization of apps with Docker

• Container management and operations

• Cloud specific container management services AWS – ECS, Azure  container services

Partnership for the Cloud

At HARMAN, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We partner with best-of-breed technology providers - AWS and Microsoft, to ensure our solutions are perfectly tailored to business needs. Our deep expertise in their technologies and early access to their roadmap puts us in pole position to deliver maximum value to our clients.


HARMAN has a 360-degree partnership with AWS. Working as an advanced consulting partner and having the reseller partner status, we have a proven track record of being one of the best AWS Cloud, Software and Applications development providers in the world. HARMAN and AWS are working under GTM strategy to help each other secure big projects through our expertise in design, mobility, cloud, and analytics aligned with the same vision as AWS. As a strategic supplier to co-engineer AWS solutions, we work closely with AWS to increase the adoption of AWS products and technologies across various enterprises.


HARMAN has over two decades of strategic engineering partnership with Microsoft. We are Microsoft Gold Partner (since 2000), Azure Circle Partner, and among the top three Global Systems Integrators for Microsoft Azure. We won the 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Intelligent Systems and Services (IoT) category. We work closely with Microsoft to increase the adoption of Microsoft products and technologies among various enterprises and are one of the best Microsoft Cloud, software and application development providers in the world. HARMAN is one among the four Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) services partners globally.

Continuous Delivery in Cloud


The pursuit of continuous delivery has led to greater proliferation of DevOps and stronger interlinking of engineering and IT teams. Enterprises are increasingly choosing Agile and DevOps as the path to cloud adoption and infrastructure automation. At HARMAN, we implement automation driven DevOps architectures to facilitate Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery across digital enterprise applications. We help you establish robust build pipelines that allow changes to be frequently pushed to multiple cloud environments. Accelerate your continuous delivery with our Agile and DevOps frameworks built on the back of leading technology platforms such as Microsoft and AWS.


Customer Stories


Reimagining IT to build a digital enterprise

A provider of data, analytics, and intelligence to the construction industry wanted an asset-light infrastructure to help manufacturers. HARMAN not only implemented a cloud infrastructure strategy but also redesigned digital channels.


Platform modernization and portfolio transformation

A company that addresses challenges linked to global macro trends such as security and energy wanted to deliver better value to clients. HARMAN enhanced Cloud engineering, mobile app development, and full stack development.


Cloud-first infrastructure transformation

A marketing information services company wanted to implement an IT architecture. HARMAN set up an asset-light, cloud-based infrastructure and helped the company benefit from a 30% reduction in OPEX.


Global Transformation of IT Infrastructure

A leading provider of data, analytics, and technology solutions for healthcare manufacturers needed an IT Infrastructure HARMAN delivered a 10% efficiency gain by consolidating aging data centers and implementing hybrid architecture.


Use Cloud and mobile to grow better corn or maize

An agricultural product marketer and distributor wanted to transform into a yield management company. HARMAN created an application that was capable of creating proposals in near real-time and integrated it with 3rd party agriculture systems.


IoT engagement and OTA updates for a communications giant

A communications company wanted to build an IoT platform. HARMAN worked on several components through various engagement models including OTA updates for MDM, health monitoring applications and ADAS.