Jump Start your Digital Marketing Growth Engine

HARMAN is extending its DNA of growing strong and innovative brands for over 60 years. HARMAN’s digital marketing program starts with capturing customer’s attention, improving their journey, and increasing conversions. We take a deep dive view into your customer’s challenges and use that data-driven insight to build a digital marketing strategy that reaches your audience and then inspires them to keep coming back for more.


Placing your customers at the heart of everything we do, we re-image your brand to become customer-first for the digital age. HARMAN’s research-backed digital marketing practices include iterative, innovative problem solving and fast feedback generation which will positively deliver great brand experiences.


Make an impact on the way your customers find, think, and feel about your brand. Let us establish a way forward for your digital presence and make your brand an experience that sustains.

Our Differentiator


As a product and services organization, HARMAN identifies with an organization's goals. By combining our knowledge of tech and marketing, we make sure to take your brand to the right customers through the right channels.


• Gain a 360-degree view of the customer

• Leverage business data for critical business decisions

• Boost organization's marketing with predictive analytics

• Enhance consumer loyalty and engagement

A Dynamic Perspective to Digital Marketing

HARMAN’s design-first, technology later approach redefines the source of value creation and differentiation to businesses. Aimed at finding new ways to immerse, engage and excite consumers, we design delightful user-centric experiences that consumers would love. Whether you want to expand your online presence or start from scratch, we'll help you create memorable new experiences every time a customer interacts with your digital assets. Gain and retain customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace by embracing a holistic design-thinking and data-driven process that appeals to the core human emotion.


Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Find influencers with the right reach. Distribute your message in front of a pre-engaged target audience and promote your brand's content. Decision makers can build strong relationships with customers by listening, engaging, and publishing content that they desire. 
Organizations can stay one step ahead by identifying emerging topics before they become issues that matter to their brand. Protect and preserve your brand reputation with HARMAN’s machine-learning sentiment analysis and constant performance evaluations that not only keeps track of your online status but also the customer views about your brand, products, and services.
HARMAN’s robust social media outreach program will identify new brand advocates and help spread the brand love by showcasing how your product integrates into the daily lives of their motivated followers.

Connected_Services_Media Planning Buying

Media Planning and Buying

To connect with the desired audience and drive profitable consumer action, we develop a strategic promotion plan across paid media to secure the best ad placements or "inventory." 
Aimed to develop a strong web presence, we use different media effectively to reach your target audience and begin every campaign with a strong understanding of the campaign goals, target audience, and products being advertised. 
HARMAN’s digital media buying services, combine design-thinking and digital marketing best practices. We not only make the initial purchase but also add business value by continuously monitoring and optimizing campaign performance throughout its lifecycle.


Content Curation

HARMAN actively builds an organization’s digital influence. Our platform-agnostic content curation capabilities in the digital landscape involve understanding where the customers are being engaged and developing a dynamic content presence on these digital occurrences. 
Our strategic initiatives are to deliver contextually relevant content-driven experiences to the right audience using the right medium at the right time. We aim to curate and share compelling content with desired audiences and increase brand visibility and reputation.

At HARMAN, we add new life to content, and our custom content services are tailored to meet, manage, and scale content-intensive processes.

Insights Driven Marketing

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