Reduce operations cost by as much as 70%!

The huge spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Point-of-Sale systems, ATMs along with the ever-changing demands for IT infrastructure - servers, laptops, and desktop workstations and more are continuously increasing the complexity for our enterprises. Gartner forecasts that there will be 20 Billion internet-connected things by 2020. Which means a highly scalable and secure platform is required to effectively manage and keep the corporate data secure.
Disparate solutions like Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) are not equipped enough to handle this tectonic shift in the Enterprise of Things (EoT). Therefore, to ensure business success, organizations will need to focus on effectively managing and keeping their corporate data and assets secure through one integrated platform.
HARMAN Enterprise Product Suite offers a powerful and comprehensive endpoint management solution, both on cloud and on-premises that securely manages and monitors endpoints including IoT devices, gateways, enterprise applications and policies - all through a single integrated intuitive system.
With this infinitely scalable and secure platform, it is easier to transfer and manage data, even over slow bandwidths by using the advanced communication protocols; thereby allowing organizations to save on operations by as much as 70%. Know more



  • Client Automation

    Now, automate Asset Management, Software distribution, Policy Based Device Management and more with a well-defined workflow. You can manage devices, applications, OS & Security patches using an automated and simplified patching process

  • Checkpoint Restart

    Offer consistent and reliable distribution of software and firmware update

  • Byte-Level Differencing (Delta Update)

    Ensure optimized data transfer to help in faster updates

  • Customization

    Customize IDE and SDK to develop Extensions and plugins

  • Security Benchmarking

    Use of NIST, DoD, and other SCAP-based Security Content Automation Files for better security benchmarking

  • Real-time Event Viewer

    Get access to query event data, analytics and other filters with an event viewer console in real-time


The core of HARMAN Enterprise Product Suite offering consists of :


  • HARMAN Device Management
  • Castanet Over-The-Air update Platform
  • Clarinet Security
  • Logsight
  • mDeliver

HARMAN Device Management

Organizations are facing complex challenges due to a patchwork approach towards endpoint management resulting in higher costs, greater security risks, and inefficient compliance processes. Reduce your issues of IT and OT infrastructure management and keep your organization secure by using scalable, integrated and intelligent HARMAN device management solution – available in both on-premises as well as the cloud versions. This platform provides you advanced, enterprise-class features to configure, manage and monitor all your IT assets from a single console.
Also leverage out-of-box modules and connectors to streamline operations such as software distribution, security and patch management, remote infrastructure management, power management and compliance management.

Castanet Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform

With increase in the fragmented endpoints due to continuously evolving Enterprise of Things (EoT), it becomes increasingly difficult to handle the logistical challenges in managing the software and firmware updates. By harnessing the power of Castanet - the leading Over-The-Air update platform, you can  easily deliver critical software and firmware over-the-air (SOTA/FOTA) updates to the connected devices that are secure, robust and have a highly optimized framework.
By taking advantage of its world-class features - like Checkpoint Restart, Smart Delta-updates and MESH to optimize update process, enterprises are able to achieve over 80% optimization while rolling out updates. The highly scalable architecture and support it offers to most of the common protocols allows HARMAN Castanet to be a trusted OTA solution for top enterprises. Till date, it is successfully pushing over 2 billion deployments every year across different industry verticals.

Clarinet Security

Security breaches results in loss of millions of dollars and a tarnished market reputation for the affected organization. Hence, time is of high essence when containing a security breach.
Step up the security policy of your heterogeneous IT eco-system including IoT devices, wearables, smartphones and more to continuously assess and remediate the vulnerability in real time with Clarinet.
The Clarinet platform uses metadata to conduct security monitoring & measures systems to find vulnerabilities. It utilizes a set of assessment standards, tools, patches, etc. derived from recognized security experts in the world – NIST Profiles, DoD, SCAP, OVAL definitions. Clarinet also provides comprehensive dashboards, exportable reports, live assessment/remediation status, etc. in an intuitive dashboard.


Unleash the power of log data using Logsight platform to gain intelligence on IT operations - log forensics, infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, security & more.
The Logsight platform automatically collects logs from multiple servers, applications and network devices across Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, UNIX, Embedded, Mobile & IOT platforms. Developed on the patented Castanet technology, it allows the administrator to customize data collection and handle varied data types/use cases collected from disparate sources. It also allows enterprises to rapidly ingest an enormous amount of data and quickly produce reports, visualizations, alerts, etc. in real-time, thereby saving time during critical moments such as security incident investigations.


Managing a large-scale production environment with middleware nodes is a herculean task for an IT administrator. It becomes even more critical when an application server needs to be upgraded to the latest version or be migrated to another platform while ensuring that the correct configurations and standards are maintained.

Save time and minimize outage with mDeliver – a middleware automation platform designed to provide a model-based system for configuration management.  Provide complete visibility into all the elements that make up a configuration, allow administrators to capture these into a model, standardize and roll-out upgrades across application servers.With mDeliver you can be always ensured that your application server will never be non-functional as it ensures that only the delta changes required to configure the server are rolled out while providing simple rollback capabilities to "last known good state".


  • Modern and Cost Efficient

    Unified Infrastructure Management with AI, analytics, cloud that costs 70% less

  • Heterogeneous

    Supports wide range of devices – running Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and more

  • Intelligent

    Offers new ways of managing devices using analytics while drift management & machine learning optimizes management efforts

  • Fast & Secure

    Extremely secure environment, highly scalable & robust

  • Customizable

    Customizes individual workflows using Castanet developer kit, IDE and a collection of over 30k custom channels


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