Consumer behaviors and brand preferences continue to evolve at the same rapid pace as the advancements in the technology itself. The exponential growth of smart mobile devices and how well they integrate into the consumer’s lifestyle is encouraging automakers to create innovative business models that transform the way they engage their customers. With HARMAN Ignite, automotive OEMs can create an in-car experience that rivals –and in some cases beat –the personalization of a smartphone or other consumer devices, and most importantly can evolve over time. With this smart, seamless and scalable approach, OEMs can create unique brand experiences both inside and outside of the vehicle, spanning the entire vehicle ownership life cycle –from the pre-purchase information gathering phase, through the purchase transaction, and long-term into post-purchase service and maintenance.


HARMAN Ignite, an automotive digital ecosystem brings the benefits of connected life into the vehicle. It enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities. 
HARMAN Ignite allows automakers, dealers and service providers to introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud applications and services meeting the safety, convenience, information, and entertainment needs of customers around the world. It also helps these entities in meeting the back-end service management and operational needs of their own businesses. They can maximize efficiency and minimize internal costs in their pursuit to fully offer the connected lifestyle experience.
HARMAN Ignite also offers Software Supply Chain Protection, allowing OEMs to quickly identify, assess and mitigate the security threats across entire fleets of vehicles and institute corrective actions whenever needed through Remove Vehicle Updating Services (OTA).


The HARMAN Ignite platform is both scalable and modular enabling OEMs to initially purchase a solution -- and through their partnership with HARMAN -- build on that core base by deploying additional services and capacity as needed. Several of the solutions that leverage HARMAN Ignite are described below.

HARMAN Ignite Marketplace

OEMs can offer customers an ecosystem marketplace for user downloadable apps, cloud-enabled services and VPAs. The marketplace will provide support for third-party developers, allowing consumers to enjoy the apps and skills they prefer while discovering new services to enhance their driving experience. In addition, OEMs have the ability to showcase custom applications and create specific services for customer purchase in-vehicle.

Intelligent Reasoning Assistant (iRA) for Automotive

Supplements Personal Assistants’ cognitive services by adding capabilities focused on driver activities. HARMAN Ignite not only provides the cloud orchestration but also the right skills to support in-vehicle or home-to-vehicle features (e.g., remote start, etc.), and the list continues to grow.

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Connected Navigation

Offers a swappable online POI search to help users find the best destination for their route. HARMAN’s connected navigation delivers a far superior in-vehicle system that closely mirrors those consumers are accustomed to on mobile and embeds connectivity benefits – like access to meta-data such as reviews and ratings – in a way that is seamless and makes discovering a destination easier and more exciting than ever before.

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Parental Controls Solution

A pre-packaged SaaS solution enabling automakers to quickly deploy a parental-controls service. This includes a mobile application for car owners to remotely monitor a vehicle’s location and status.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub

Helps Automotive OEMs in their AI transformation journey by implementing pilots to gain knowledge and capture short-term value. OEMs can also establish the AI core including a standardized data ecosystem, partner ecosystem, and core AI team to develop an integrated view on AI across the organization, scale up and roll out an end-to-end AI transformation.

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Car-as-a-Service solution

Enables Automakers, Dealers and Service providers to offer car sharing services for a fleet of vehicles. They can maximize vehicle reach, create car-sharing revenue and initiate revenue-generating opportunities through other connected services that enhance the customer experience.

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Vehicle Connect solution

Accelerates the development of Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications for automakers and Tier-1 suppliers for connecting the vehicle to the road infrastructure (V2I), to the home (V2H), to other vehicles (V2V) and more. The applications can be further customized enabling services and automating features that support the user’s unique driving and digital lifestyle.

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Content personalization

Automakers can offer the best internet-based audio source in their vehicles. The driver can listen to the latest episode of his/her favorite podcast without having to sync a smart phone, have Tweets read aloud while driving, tune in to a favorite radio stream and much more. The solution seamlessly integrates with other vehicle services offered in the infotainment center.

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Cloud-based driver profile

Allows drivers to apply their personalized settings to any vehicle that they drive. They can save information, including options for setting the temperature, seat and mirror positioning, favorite radio presets, infotainment applications and other personal items. It syncs all of your personal settings to the cloud, thus enabling a driver to ‘log in’ to a car and transfer all settings before driving begins.

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Vehicle Analytics Dashboard

Enables innovative business models by integrating vehicle telematics data and analytic insights with customer and business data. Automakers, Dealers and Insurance Companies can leverage HARMAN Analytics capabilities to gain real-time, contextual and predictive insights on vehicle health, driving behavior, consumer (buying) behavior and more to drive revenues and optimize costs.

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Vehicle Health and Diagnostics

Enables insight into vehicle health and diagnostics that can reduce vehicle operating costs, reaction time to issues, accident liability and fines and also enhance the customer experience. By combining diagnostics and connectivity, dealers, manufacturers, fleet managers and service providers like rental car companies will be able to offer additional services to their customers.

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Map as a Service (MaaS)

Simplifies the current map update process that is semi-manual and cumbersome with map data being collected manually and takes over 3 months to achieve a single map update. Provides a harmonized format for different systems and accommodates Navigation Data Standard (NDS) map data enabling Automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to improve production efficiency and compilation services regardless of the provider for raw map data and the navigation core engine.

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Remote Vehicle Update Service (OTA)

Enables Over-the-Air (OTA) updates and management of the whole car, from head units to the smallest ECUs, even those with low processing and memory resources. This solution was specifically built to eliminate failures, by coping with any potential risks, such as network problems, cyber security attacks and file tampering, providing OEMs with a secure and efficient way to mitigate risk and increase security and safety.

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