Deploy, manage, personalize and monetize Connected Vehicle services

HARMAN Ignite is an end-to-end cloud platform that supports various use cases by providing connectivity, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities. It allows automakers, dealers, suppliers and services providers to easily introduce, deploy, manage, personalize and monetize innovative cloud applications and services meeting the connectivity, safety, convenience and infotainment demands of customers across the world.


The HARMAN Ignite Platform provides the security, flexibility, scalability, manageability and reliability that the auto ecosystem participants demand to ensure success of their connected vehicle programs.


The HARMAN Ignite platform is both scalable and modular enabling OEMs to initially purchase a solution -- and through their partnership with HARMAN -- build on that core base by deploying additional services and capacity as needed. Several of the solutions that leverage HARMAN Ignite are described below.


Parental Controls Solution

The Parental Controls Solution provides OEMs with all  the capabilities to deliver a safe and efficient way for  parents to monitor speed, location and other vehicle functions for a child’s car via an application on a mobile device. This solution allows  the defining and monitoring of hard acceleration and braking, establishing geographic boundaries for the vehicle (geofencing), setting curfews, measuring performance against speed limits in addition to monitoring basic vehicle health and status.
Any OEM can help to provide peace of mind to parents of new drivers or any family members who want to receive alerts concerning the safety and status of their vehicle. This solution is provided through our cloud-based platform – HARMAN Ignite


HARMAN Intelligent Platform

Big Data in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms is helping OEMs to increase the level of accuracy in decision making, analyzing vehicle performance and determining business outcomes.
HARMAN Intelligent platform includes machine learning algorithms to support a variety of connected vehicle solutions including personalization, Analytics, Driver Monitoring, and Vehicle Health and Diagnostics. More algorithms are being developed and refined every day.  The development of machine learning algorithms requires significant data to promote learning and to validate results. Deploying pre-built algorithms requires significantly less effort and results in faster deployment times and lower cost. The platform’s Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities enable OEMs to continue to update and refine the algorithms once installed in the vehicles.


Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant Solution

Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and others are key cloud-based solutions in the ever-evolving world of Personal Assistants. Now, you can deploy multiple Personal Assistants in your vehicle with one integration. HARMAN Ignite provides the cloud orchestration and supplemental skills for OEMs need to achieve this type of deployment. This unique feature enhances the Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing functions traditionally found in vehicles with the cloud-based features of popular Personal Assistants.
Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant Solution from HARMAN supplements Personal Assistants’ cognitive services by adding skills focused on driver activities.  Engaging a vehicle’s cruise control or adding waypoints to a destination require some skill development for the various Personal Assistants. With HARMAN Ignite, the right skills are available to support in-vehicle or home-to-vehicle features (e.g., remote start, etc.), and the list continues to grow.


HARMAN Content Personalization

With HARMAN Content Personalization, automakers can offer the best internet-based audio source in their vehicles. 
As a user of HARMAN Content Personalization, the driver can listen to the latest episode of his/her favorite podcast without having to sync a smart phone, have Tweets read aloud while driving, tune in to a favorite radio stream and much more.
Content Personalization is seamlessly integrated with other vehicle services offered in the infotainment center as well.


Samsung Nexshop Automotive Retail Solution

HARMAN offers Samsung Nexshop Automotive Retail Suite, an analytics powered solution based on consumer, product and promotional data from various sources to automotive OEMs and large dealership conglomerates globally.
The suite ensures that personalized information will be delivered to both the customer and the dealership using interactive screens and virtual reality throughout the  journey—from the moment the customer checks in, throughout the in-dealership visit, all the way to purchase.
It raises the customer experience to a premium level by enabling active interaction and personalization across the entire customer journey.


Remote Vehicle Update Service (OTA)

Proliferation of connected car, connected devices, and the progression from ADAS to automated driving increases the number of ECUs in the car interconnected by various in-vehicle networks. This increases the role and cost of managing software due to its growing amount of complexity. The ability to update automotive software over-the-air (OTA) has become a competitive advantage for OEMs as it provides the much-desired upgradability by bridging the gap between the differences in software and hardware lifecycle. 
HARMAN’s Remote Vehicle Updating offering is the only OTA solution that enables efficient full-vehicle management. The low footprint solution enables OTA updates and management of the whole car, from head units to the smallest ECUs, even those with low processing and memory resources. This solution was specifically built to eliminate failures, by coping with any potential risks, such as network problems, cyber security attacks and file tampering, providing OEMs with a secure and efficient way to mitigate risk and increase security and safety. 
Over 25 million vehicles on the road are being reliably updated using our OTA solutions and more than 100 million connected cars are contracted to implement HARMAN’s OTA technology.


Car-as-a-Service Solution

CaaS Solution is based on the HARMAN Ignite Platform and is used by OEMs, Dealers and Service Providers to offer car sharing services for a fleet of vehicles.
This solution supports changing vehicle ownership models by allowing customers to have access on demand to a vehicle of their choice based on their specific needs.
OEMs can maximize the reach of their vehicles, create car sharing revenue, and initiate revenue generating opportunities through other connected services that enhance the customer experience.


Vehicle Connect Solution

Accelerates the development of V2X applications by leveraging a versatile cloud platform, HARMAN Ignite, for Automakers and Tier 1 suppliers. Using this solution, applications can be built to connect the vehicle to the road infrastructure (V2I), to the home (V2H), to other vehicles (V2V) and more.
With the help of the Portable Personalization solution offered through the HARMAN Ignite Platform, the V2X applications can be further customized enabling services and automating features that support user’s unique driving and digital lifestyle.


Cloud-based Driver Profile

As new car ownership models become available such as car and ride sharing services, it will become more important than ever before to leverage a cloud-based driver profile service to apply a consumer’s personalized settings to any vehicle they drive.
The Cloud-based Driver Profile service based on HARMAN Ignite platform allows drivers to create an account for this service. Drivers can save information including options for setting the temperature, seat and mirror positioning, favorite radio presets, infotainment applications and other more personal items. 


Vehicle Health and Diagnostics

The Vehicle Health & Diagnostics Dashboard solution leverages the HARMAN Ignite platform for determining vehicle quality and overall health. Insight into the vehicle health and diagnostics helps the driver and Automotive ecosystem actors in different ways. It helps reduce operation costs of the vehicle, reaction time to issues, accident liability and fines and also enhances customer experience.
By combining diagnostics and connectivity, dealers,  manufacturers, fleet managers and service providers like rental car companies are able to offer additional services to their customers. Ecosystem actors aggregate automotive data and provide contextual and advanced services like early field warnings, predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics and repair, fuel management practices. 


Vehicle Analytics Dashboard

The Vehicle Analytics Dashboard solution enables innovative business models by integrating vehicle telematics data and analytic insights with customer and business data. The solution showcases how Automakers, Dealers and Insurance Companies can leverage HARMAN Analytics capabilities to gain real-time, contextual and predictive insights on vehicle health, driving behavior, consumer (buying) behavior to drive improvements in the areas of customer experience, product management (Research & Development) and marketing/sales campaigns.


Map as a Service (MaaS)

Digital maps that support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving and other advanced driving functions, need the highest level of accuracy and timeliness to ensure safety.
Today, the map update process is semi-manual and cumbersome with map data being collected manually. It takes over 3 months for the current digital mapping technology to achieve a single map update. This is not timely or accurate enough to support today’s advanced vehicle functions.
In order to provide a harmonized format for different systems, the new HARMAN Map as a Service (MaaS) solution accommodates Navigation Data Standard (NDS) map data. The solution enables car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers to improve production efficiency and enables compilation services for OEM’s and Tier-1s regardless of the provider for raw map data and the navigation core engine.