Industrial IoT delivers the potential for a strong ROI for organizations looking to adopt a solution for cost reduction, productivity advantages, or business transformation. Rapid commercial adoption of Industrial IoT reflects its potential to add value in the production process. The technology enables objects – powered through sensors and devices – to collect and transmit information to a backend application for continuous monitoring, tracking, automating and decision-making. However, like all technology projects, ROI can only be realized through disciplined execution and specialized expertise.


industrial iot solutions

HARMAN® Quick Predict

HARMAN® Quick Predict is an Industrial IoT solution which has been developed based on Intel’s intellectual property to provide substantial savings for industrial end users. HARMAN Quick Predict provides early detection of problems with rotating equipment in industrial settings. With HARMAN Quick Predict, users are able to increase equipment uptime, decrease spare parts costs, and optimize the use of their workforce by reducing the number of emergency repairs.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms at the edge, the solution enables prediction of potential failure based on real-time capture and analysis of abnormal vibration patterns at the gateway. The problems are detected and flagged with notifications or alerts. The system and the business model is flexible, scalable and customizable.