Building Secure IoT Ecosystems

Security threats are as pervasive as technology solutions. As intelligent devices and services work together to anticipate and adapt to our daily needs, it is essential to create a securely connected ecosystem through the entire IoT lifecycle. We at HARMAN approach IoT security through building trust within the IoT ecosystem.


From agnostic technology approach to experienced advisory services, we are focused on your business outcome. We create a unified and highly secure communication system that links infrastructure, machines, and people in high-risk and constrained environments.


We have extensive experience creating trust by protecting digital identities. Let us help you advance your IoT infrastructure and establish a trusted ecosystem to take advantage of new capabilities and changing security requirements. 

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Solutions

Connected ecosystems require a fresh approach to security. Point solutions to detect and mitigate risk would not be enough to resolve vulnerabilities that propagate through the ecosystem. Creating a trusted ecosystem that not only prevents but also contains the risk would be the best possible option. Drawing upon our expertise in safeguarding connected devices and networks, we can help significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and get your solutions to be more responsive.


ioTrust™ IoT Security by Entrust Datacard

ioTrust™ delivers a secure and trusted digital infrastructure by safeguarding interactions between people, devices, and things. Based on enterprise-grade encryption technologies, ioTrust™ establishes identity-based devices across the IoT infrastructure, creating a protected ecosystem.

With capabilities such as identity, authentication, and authorization, credential lifecycle management, and secure communications the ioTrust™ security solution helps organizations securely connect people, applications, and devices that power the connected world. This end-to-end security solution addresses the complete lifecycle and offers scalable deployment possibilities both on-premise and in the cloud.



HARMAN Clarinet performs real-time vulnerability scanning, conducts compliance check assessments, and applies security patches in real-time.

Clarinet secures an IoT or an IT network to ensure that the privacy of consumers, efficacy of devices, and reliability of businesses remain intact. This standard, NIST approved vulnerability assessment and patching tool measures infrastructure compliance and offers unified reporting to enhance the control over a networked ecosystem.

Clarinet’s vulnerability management initiatives use metadata validation and aggregation to identify critical exposures and associated business risks. It uses DoD, and other SCAP-based Security Content Automation Files to scan and remediate endpoint devices.


Endpoint Data Security

HARMAN’s endpoint data security solutions include everything from routine patch management queries to mission-critical remediation of endpoint device vulnerabilities. Endpoint security made straightforward and affordable.

  • Identity-based solutions that go beyond Transport Layer Security
  • Implement industry standard payload encryption mechanism to protect data path
  • Protect endpoints, even those with resource constraints and long device cycle that could outlive the encryption effectiveness
  • Offer anti-tampering functions for devices used in high-risk environments
  • Provide context based privacy preferences for individuals as well as enterprises


Device Identity Management

HARMAN's device identity management services will identify sensors, devices, and manage their access to sensitive and non-sensitive data. It offers secure device enrolment, dynamic configuration acquisition, storage of cryptographic material available, and appropriate levels of authentication and authorization in device-to-device and device-to application interactions.

  • Tackle secure cryptographic key provisioning and management risks in use cases where a mass number of IoT devices are concurrently deployed in a challenging environment
  • Provide quick, secure, scalable and device-independent identity, access and relationship management experience
  • Manage and provision IoT devices by delivering firmware updates, software patches, and security updates - to address any vulnerability - periodically using an Over the Air (OTA) based solution


Device Discovery and Self-Provisioning Infrastructure

How do you authorize users, specify devices, and permit applications to access a particular set of network resources? Our device discovery service offers real-time visibility of users, devices, and applications on your enterprise network.

It keeps an up-to-date directory of all proprietary and non-IT standard devices and applications. You can gain complete control and real-time visibility for every network-connected device and safeguard your business from security threats by eliminating unaccounted for endpoints.

HARMAN's device discovery service makes components within an IoT ecosystem self-discoverable, excluding any need for manual provisioning.


Seamless Integration

Easily integrate and manage your evolving enterprise architecture with our IoT security services. Unite numerous solution builders, service providers, channel partners, and products and solutions from partnering hardware and software technology manufacturers into one system.

As customers and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences, the overall goal of HARMAN is to offer IoT solutions that work along with robust security suites and secure transactions that make user experiences more reliable and secure.


  • Secure Digital IoT Network

    HARMAN’s robust IoT security process sends the right information to the right devices or applications, at the right place at the right time through the right channel. Employ our security-first approach to IoT implementations and improve both network management and network security.

  • Secure Digital Workspace

    Implement a secure digital work space and defend your customers and employees against future cyber-attacks. With HARMAN's IoT security solutions, organizations can provide the optimal balance between productivity and security based on a device, its location, identity, and other features.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    At HARMAN, we develop a security strategy after analyzing the vulnerability assessment output keeping business risk in mind. With our vulnerability assessment process businesses can predict the success of our proposed remediation processes and assess their actual effectiveness after they are put into use.

  • Trusted Ecosystem

    Build an “End-2-End Secure Trusted” IoT Ecosystem for customers with HARMAN. We will help you keep untrusted devices off networks by establishing trusted identities and thoroughly manage, command, and control all devices throughout their supply-chain and operational lifecycles.

  • Impenetrable Security Implemented at Manufacturing

    HARMAN gives utmost priority to device security, even before a product reaches the market. Our security-by-design approach ensures that the security architecture for devices, networks, and systems are developed at the same time of manufacturing and not retrofitted at a later date.


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