Since 1969, Entrust Datacard™ has provided security solutions that establish a chain of trust from the physical world of financial cards, passports, and ID cards to the digital realm of authentication, certificates, and secure communications. ioTrust™ Security Solutions by Entrust Datacard was designed specifically to help enterprise and industrial organizations establish and ensure a trusted Internet of Things (IoT), where the digital and physical world converge. These solutions allow business-to-business markets to protect their IoT investments by safeguarding interactions between connected systems and things throughout the value chain.

ioTrust Security Solutions

To secure IoT environments, companies need to be able to identify the things in their connected world and ensure that they are usable only by authorized users, devices and applications. With capabilities such as identity issuance, authentication, authorization, credential lifecycle management, and secure communication between sensors, ioTrust Security Solutions help organizations maintain end-to-end supply chain integrity using enterprise-grade encryption technologies and management capabilities. This identity-based software solution also enables rapid and scalable IoT deployments with full-scale identity management, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Trusted Devices Drive the Value Chain: Securing IoT Devices During Manufacturing

Recognizing the potential of the IoT market and the growing need for IoT security, HARMAN Connected Services and Entrust Datacard have formed a strategic partnership (initially announced in April, 2016) with a common goal to build trust within the IoT ecosystem by securing IoT infrastructures and its data.