Strengthen The Core To leapfrog your digital journey

Digital state of mind is transforming the industry, and we are helping CXOs beat the clock to be future-ready. Rapid innovations and disruptive business models are the new order for enterprises. A robust backbone of infrastructure and application services is vital to hold together a connected ecosystem that delivers the desired customer experience consistently.


HARMAN's expertise in IoT, analytics, and end-point solutions give us a distinct edge in delivering solutions that will transform the way future-proofed IT can be conceived, implemented and managed at scale. At HARMAN, our experts help businesses create a core that is not just agile and adaptive, but one that is secure. 

Unlock digital value with the right IT infrastructure

At HARMAN, we believe any digital transformation journey should rest on the pillars of customer-centricity, asset-light infrastructure, and cloud-DevOps. From hybrid cloud solutions to streamlined IT service management, our solutions are focused on transformational services that facilitate a high-performance organization. We enable you not only to deliver more value to your customers but deliver that value faster and with higher frequency. HARMAN's 360-degree partnerships with leading technology providers like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services help us leverage best-of-breed platforms for delivering customer-centric infrastructure and application services environments that facilitate IT operations and automation.


Infrastructure Management

A robust IT Infrastructure and operational excellence is the foundation to drive business outcomes in the digital universe of an enterprise. HARMAN’s rich experience in managing complex infrastructure environments enable us to deploy framework architectures, to deliver differentiated experiences to users across industry verticals.
Be it facilitating new disruptive business models or sustaining a secure, reliable, hyper-agile and responsive backbone for business operations, our infrastructure management services provide you with the flexibility to adopt a nuanced multi-pronged strategy to business enablement.


Collaborative DevOps

Enterprises are on the quest for continuous delivery that can be sustained across multiple environments, increasingly complex applications, and a competitive environment to support an ever-demanding customer base.
With the proliferation of technologies such as microservices, containerization ecosystems and a plethora of platforms/tools available for DevOps orchestration, creating state-of-art-technical architecture backed by end-to-end automation can be an enormous challenge without cross-enterprise collaboration. Our collaborative DevOps services combine strategy and execution to maximize productivity, accelerate continuous delivery and provide elasticity to business.


Infrastructure Monitoring and Support

Continuous monitoring, proactive alerting of issues and remediation is critical in a heterogeneous and distributed infrastructure environment. At HARMAN, we provide automation-led integrated infrastructure monitoring and support services. We are focused on delivering higher availability and superior turnaround times while maximizing cost efficiencies.
We leverage advanced analytics to anticipate and resolve issues, thereby minimizing business impact. By stitching together an end-to-end platform, organizations benefit from integrated dashboards, automated compliance, and tight governance.


Application Performance Management

Enterprises can take control with a tightly integrated approach for performance management across the application lifecycle. The cloud-first, mobile-first world demands enterprise applications to be in an “always-on” mode.
HARMAN helps administrators navigate the complexity in multiple system components such as APIs, hybrid infrastructure, distributed data centers and content delivery networks. Our solutions provide high-performance planning, monitoring, and remediation services that enable businesses to deliver consistent and differentiated experiences to customers.


IT Service Management

The traditional approach to service management in the app economy can be inadequate. HARMAN’s IT Service Management leverages cutting-edge technologies in collaboration, communication, mobility, and analytics to help CIOs and service providers meet customer expectations.
Such services allow infrastructure optimization and automation for service delivery management with a framework that seamlessly integrates tools and processes. HARMAN’s IT Service Management increases the productivity and effectiveness of services delivered with SLA tracking from incident management to release management.


Service Desk Application Support

Users of enterprise applications face a wide array of challenges in light of fast-paced changes to systems, technologies and collaborative processes. An empowered service desk that addresses these challenges quickly and effectively is critical to provide a sense of accountability to users.
HARMAN’s service desk for application support serves as the first line of support for users, onboarding and tracking all requests, resolving high-frequency issues and centrally managing communications.
With integrations to state-of-the-art service platforms, self-service enablement, automated remediation and collaborative workflows, we facilitate the embedding of business processes into IT Service Management frameworks.


With HARMAN’s infrastructure operations, all you need to do is focus on defining your business strategy and desired outcomes. Gain from HARMAN’s customer-centric IT services and equip your business with the ultimate infrastructure, application and operations backbone.

  • Consistent customer experience across all channels

  • Agile, adaptive and responsive IT backbone

  • Single point of accountability for enterprises and users

  • High availability and performance of infrastructure and applications

  • Operational excellence calibrates to the best industry standards

  • Cost-efficiency with end-to-end automation