Next generation PKI-based authentication

The security of any device is as strong as the password protecting it. In this era of human to device and device – to – device interaction, enterprises employ multitude of techniques to let their users securely access information. But with the explosion of systems, keeping track of passwords coupled with user fatigue and the complicated nature of authentication process, the next generation IoT devices need next generation authentication system.
HARMAN offers Nexsign, a leading solution that verifies your identity with biometric information using fingerprint, face, and voice. A FIDO compliant authentication solution for next generation devices; one that is simple, faster and more secure.


Nexsign is a PKI based mobile authentication solution with enhanced security and usability using Secure Storage and biometric sensors on smart devices.

  • Strong security

    The solution saves the biometric identifiers at a trusted execution environment and in different locations to make it more secure.

  • Reduces costs

    Lower the need for automating password reset or OTP based authentication. Reduce costs through prevention and non-repudiation.

  • Simplifies authentication

    Remembering long & complicated passwords would be redundant. Provides simple multi-factor biometric using iris, fingerprint, and voice