Device management and settings

With more and more vehicles becoming connected through mobile and wireless technology, the next step for the automotive industry is to focus on how to manage the connected car and its software systems as a platform for delivering new services. The “managed car” requires in-vehicle software management technology optimized for the unique environment of IVIs and Electronic Control Units (ECU), and a centralized back-end management system capable of managing any type of software—from applications to firmware, whether embedded or downloaded—at any point during the car’s lifetime.
Vehicles can produce more than 500 GB of data each day. Connected vehicles coupled with data storage and analytics capabilities of the cloud enable numerous new automotive business models. One of the main challenges automotive ecosystem faces in developing a cloud-based Connected Vehicle Platform is Device management. To connect devices to any platform, one must be able to authenticate, authorize, push updates, configure, and monitor software. Also, these services must scale to millions of devices and provide persistent availability.
HARMAN Device Management and Settings capabilities are involved in the remote management, monitoring, analysis and configuration of connected devices. The set of functions and capabilities enables the System Administrator to actively monitor all connected devices while building and maintaining an accurate and valuable real-time database of these devices, their software configuration and their status. HARMAN, as a strong supporter of open standards, uses its protocol engine to ensure flexible implementation options of all its market facing solutions. 


  • Device Repository

    The Device Repository holds information about all managed devices, their model, manufacturer and software inventory. The Device Repository is updated on a regular basis.

  • Settings Orchestrator

    The Settings Orchestrator manages device settings, update campaigns and properties such as time, network bearer, device population and predefined policies. A specific set of settings is tailored for each device.

  • Device Settings

    The Device Settings function enables users to view, define and store combinations of possible setting configurations per managed device type.

  • Protocol Engine

    The Protocol Engine manages communication between the backend software management server and remote gateway device or connected device.

Top-line Benefits

  • Proven solution used in many connected car deployments along with numerous smart buildings and Industrial IoT projects across the globe 
  • Compliant with Open Mobile Alliance’s OMA-DM and the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn protocol
  • Compliant with global Mobile Network Operator device management specifications
  • Support for complex device management hierarchies
  • Backend integration with existing IT infrastructure systems
  • Platform and OS agnostic - Open for implementation of additional user interfaces, business logic extensions and management protocols


Convenient & Secure Cloud-based software updates

The Software Update Management capabilities of HARMAN helps Automotive OEMs and Suppliers to capitalize on the full business potential of connected cars by enhancing driver experience with rapid deployment of value-added in-car services, minimizing costs through improved efficiency and a reduction in recalls.

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HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA)

HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service enables Over-the-Air (OTA) updates and management of the entire vehicle, from head unit to the smallest ECUs, and even includes those units with low processing and memory resources. The solution leverages its unique Smart Delta technology which reduces the file update package up to 99 percent.


Device Virtualization for connected car

Powered by Type-1 hypervisor technology, HARMAN’s Device Virtualization capabilities enable multiple operating systems to run on a single hardware platform, securely and with full isolation. HARMAN supports diverse hardware and software platforms, and enables RAM and persistent storage to be portioned and allocated per virtual machine-specific performance requirements.



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