HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA)

According to the GSMA, by 2025 all new cars will be connected and will have a growing number of in-vehicle systems being dependent on software. On average, there are over 100 Electronic Control Units (ECU) in vehicles today. Each vehicle has over 100 million lines of code and the number is growing. (Source 1:  GSMA 2/2012). With such electronic component complexity, the ability to update automobile software over-the-air is vitally important to maintain customer satisfaction. 
HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service is the only OTA service that enables efficient full-vehicle software management. First, the HARMAN OTA solution reduces the need for recalls by remotely addressing system malfunctions and security threats. In addition, OEMs can use the OTA solution to decrease time-to-market by updating software while the vehicle is still on the production line. It also allows consumers to access new features and functions post-sale, maintaining a direct connection between the OEM and the owner, increasing OEM brand awareness and customer loyalty.
This solution enables OTA updates and management of the entire vehicle, from head unit to the smallest ECUs, and even includes those units with low processing and memory resources. It was specifically built to prevent failures by eliminating any potential risks, such as network problems, cyber security attacks and file tampering, providing OEMs with a secure and efficient way to mitigate risk.  
HARMAN’s solution leverages its unique Smart Delta technology which reduces the file update package up to 99 percent. This contributes greatly to network efficiency and cost, as well as minimizing the time it takes for the update to be completely executed. Seventeen OEMs have chosen HARMAN’s OTA solution enabling 25 million vehicles, making it the only commercially deployed OTA option on the market. 
The HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service provides manufacturing and logistics efficiencies for OEMs in several ways.  For example, deploying the solution:

  • at the production line -  eliminates software flashing bottle necks;
  • during the shipping process -  streamlines the software supply chain and eliminates dependencies; and
  • at the dealer - makes the software update process much faster and reduces customer frustration.


  • Update Generator

    Using the Smart Delta technology, the Update Generator compares any two versions of firmware, applications or maps and identifies the differences between the two versions, and then creates the delta update file.

  • Software Catalog

    The Software Catalog manages full versions and delta updates of all the application embedded software, Electronic Control Unit binaries and firmware update packages available for remotely managed vehicles.

  • Update Orchestrator

    Update Orchestrator manages device update campaigns and properties such as time, network bearer type, update type and device population. Each update package is specifically tailored for every vehicle.

  • Software Installer

    The Software Installer is Operating System agnostic and installs, removes and updates any type of software on the vehicle. This includes user space applications, embedded system applications and full Electronic Control Unit binaries.

  • Firmware Update Installer

    Using Smart Delta technology, the Firmware Update Installer applies the generated delta update file to the existing on-vehicle firmware to update it to the target firmware version.

  • Repartitioning Tool

    Perform an OTA update to the vehicle’s flash partitions; An updated flash partition layout is then defined and sent remotely to the device where it is applied in-place without compromising on-device software.

Top-line Benefits

  • 100% update reliability
  • Platform and OS agnostic
  • Update ECUs of any size or ECUs with limited resources – small to large updates can be made to the whole vehicle
  • Support any platform of ECU (Linux, RTOS, AUTOSAR) and any BUS inside the vehicle (CAN Bus, Ethernet, MOST, LIN)
  • Better protect the update process and allow for mitigation of risks during an update, network failure, or power failure
  • Deploy on any OS with backend deployment available on any cloud or customer premise
  • Update any type of software – firmware, operating systems, maps, configuration files and content 
  • Highly scalable backend system – up to tens of millions of devices

Other OTA solutions

Software Update Management

Software Update Management

The Software Update Management set of capabilities brings a holistic set of features to HARMAN’s market-facing solutions that guarantee all connected devices will be securely and successfully managed over time, regardless of the network protocol, device platform or operating system.


Device Management & Settings

HARMAN Device Management & Settings capabilities are involved in the remote management, monitoring, analysis and configuration of connected devices. The set of functions and capabilities enables the System Administrator to actively monitor all connected devices while building and maintaining an accurate and valuable real-time database of these devices, their software configuration and their status.


Device Virtualization for connected car

Powered by Type-1 hypervisor technology, HARMAN’s Device Virtualization capabilities enable multiple operating systems to run on a single hardware platform, securely and with full isolation. HARMAN supports diverse hardware and software platforms, and enables RAM and persistent storage to be portioned and allocated per virtual machine-specific performance requirements.



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