Conversational ai platform

Let your voice assistant do the talking to your customers

Harness voice AI to offer them exceptional experiences.

Delight customers with unique conversational AI experiences

Smart speakers and voice assistants are redefining consumer interactions. Preference for contactless interactions and excellent voice experiences is rising. Tap into the power of voice AI to intelligently respond to customer sentiments and help them feel heard. 

Leverage HARMAN eNOVA, a voice AI platform that can easily integrate into your systems while also intelligently conversing with your end-users. HARMAN eNova can help build unique conversational experiences across industries while also automating processes.​

The Ultimate All-In-One 3D Foot Scanning Solution

Powered with Intel® RealSense™ and HARMAN eNOVA Technologies, Aetrex Unveils Revolutionary 3D Foot Scanner at CES 2021

HARMAN bags Leadership Position in ER&D and IoT Services in Zinnov Zones 2020

HARMAN lauded for ER&D services, Digital Engineering, AI Engineering, OTT, and Content Monetization by Zinnov.

How we make it happen

Make the user experience more connected, convenient, contextual, and personalized.
Conversational ai platform
HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Happy feet with a voice enabled foot scanning device
See how we helped a world-leading foot health company use voice tech to deliver touchless, superior in-store experiences.
A digital concierge to elevate cruising experience
See how we helped a leading global cruise introduce an AI-powered voice assistant to improve guest experiences.

Our unique capabilities to create transformation

Custom Personality and Conversation Design
Custom Wake Word Engine
Easy-to-Use Skill Development Tool
Offline/Edge Voice AI Capabilities

AI-Powered voice assistant for conversational experiences

Build conversational experiences into their your products, devices, or organizational processes. Integrate easily with enterprise and 3rd party systems to create domain-specific use-cases and conversations.
Deliver safe and delightful retail shopping experiences
Elevate guest experience in hospitality
Enhance health care delivery and coordination
Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Contactless and Conversational Vending Experience: 2020 and Beyond.
Press Release
Hat-trick for HARMAN DTS at NASSCOM Awards 2021.