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The future of the Connected Enterprise was yesterday!

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How enterprises perceive the importance of technology among their stakeholders can vary from organization to organization, but broadly, most enterprises agree that their technological advances are targeted towards three primary groups, the employee, the customer and the supplier.

Most companies have begun to understand that the data generated by these groups can be harnessed to identify new channels of revenue, and have already made advances in tapping into this data to maximize their operational efficiency. 
Companies of yesterday, are still trying to understand what the connected enterprise can do for them. 
With data being generated from various silos, bringing them on to a common platform and generating insights are predominantly the areas where companies are heavily investing. These companies are focusing providing their users with better experiences across all the devices they interact with. 
A truly connected enterprise functions at the cusp of devices, data and design. 
Devices, be it wearable or large enterprise level hardware, are all able to deliver insights. A connected enterprise is able to successfully extract opportunities based on context and make autonomous decision that require minimal human intervention. This also provides enterprises the leeway, in several cases, to take action before there is an imminent need. 
And all this is being powered by the Internet of Things. IoT is the pivot of a connected enterprise and form the foundation of M2M communication that allow devices to seamlessly interact with each other. The traditional systems of engagement provide a single view, however, IoT elevates the concept and creates and ecosystem of device autonomy, that allow the machines to interact with each other and deliver on the insights that are generated. The real-time computation of this data allows for faster time to action and is being made possible on the cloud. 
The scalability and flexibility of the cloud, has made it the top priority of connected enterprises. A handful of modern enterprises have not yet made the move to the cloud, and are either grappling with keeping up with their competition or are seriously considering making the shift. In this era, stating the benefits of the cloud amounts to stating the obvious, however, an enterprise that chooses to be come a modern and connected one, has no option but to make the shift, and quickly. 
Connected enterprise = Connected Platforms
Connecting your infrastructure and your devices are merely the cavalry of winning the connected enterprise battle. True and complete transformation happens when the systems are connected. Nearly every modern enterprise runs on a wide range of applications, that are among various systems. Bringing them all together and bundling them with easy and intuitive user experiences is where an organization begins to experience holistic change. It's not a question of doing it for simplicity, but more a necessity that allows the various departments of your organization to produce data that can then be streamlined and utilized to holistically manage operational efficiency. 
Making the transformation can be challenging, however, with the right partners, you can accelerate your transformation for a connected world. HARMAN's here to help. Our expertise in organizational transformation is helping companies stay connected better and utilize the data generated to provide improved overall experiences. We are propelling the new age of Enterconnected. The interconnectivity of systems, devices, experiences and data to build connected enterprises.