Mitigate cyber risks by ensuring zero security blindspots

Validate security threats, generate risk scores with AI/ML, and identify vulnerable assets using HARMAN DefenSight

Place data security at the forefront of your business strategy

Modern enterprises must tackle a host of dynamic and dangerous security risks, but when it comes to cybersecurity there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution as each organization has its own unique pressure points.

By employing a Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform to manage a comprehensive inventory of Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) assets in real-time, businesses can discover gaps within their systems to identify and react to security risks.

Equip your business with HARMAN DefenSight to identify, predict, and solve potential system vulnerabilities with the right software-based intervention solution that can also be automated. Reduce operational costs and remediation time while ensuring compliance with industry best practices.

How we make it happen

Keep IT systems secure, safe, and compliant using real-time threat intelligence and automation. Build an accurate cyber asset inventory and understand how they are connected with HARMAN DefenSight.
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HARMAN DefenSight for effective cybersecurity management
See how we helped a leading insights provider manage their critical servers and assets with periodic vulnerability scans.

Our unique capabilities to create transformation

Vulnerabilities and automated remediation
Endpoint management with HARMAN Castanet
Internal and external data triangulations

Safeguard enterprise assets, systems, and interests

Establish advanced IT/OT security strategies with our patent-pending platform for intelligent cybersecurity threat monitoring, intelligence, analytics, and automated remediation.
Secure IT systems with real-time threat intelligence data
Identify and forecast potential vulnerable assets
Automated remediation
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Unlocking new possibilities with HARMAN

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Drive business resilience using an end-to-end Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform
Enabling organization-wide security infrastructure with real-time threat intelligence analytics