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Scale up your betting, gaming, and gambling platforms with intelligent technologies to retain next-gen users and deliver immersive user experiences.

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Betting & Gaming Intro

​Virtual reality, cloud gaming, and esports betting are penetrating into betting and gaming experiences to enthrall players with on-demand experiences that were once a sci-fi fantasy. Now, the technology behind it can be harnessed to drive innovation on the business side by offering personalized experiences. 

Digitally transform the gaming experience for players with distributed cloud computing, blockchain for ensuring integrity in the lottery, 3D facial recognition, and secure payments. Leverage advanced betting and gambling solutions to capitalize on newer, more intelligent, multi-channel technologies. Capture and retain customer intrigue with design-led engineering, testing, and smarter analytics.​

Betting & Gaming Intro

How we help

HARMAN helps global game-makers enhance their speed, design, and interactions to give customers deeply captivating and stimulating betting and gaming experiences.
Technology-driven transformation
Connected, immersive, and omnichannel experiences
Analytics-based personalizations
End-to-end automation for products
Enterprise data warehouse

HARMAN recognized as a top R&D services provider for the gaming industry

Zinnov recognized HARMAN for its consulting programs with mobile, cloud, and analytics solutions to help deliver innovative gaming experiences.


Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Driving QA best practices with a modernized detection system
We helped a gaming business and lottery operator implement automation and defect detection systems to provide socially responsible games.
Faster time-to-market with a portal for sports betting
We helped a digital betting company build a scalable cloud-based technology platform to offer its clients innovative sports and racing betting offerings.
Leveraging data analytics to modernize app policies
We helped a leading lottery technology provider build futuristic solutions that help improve player journeys and increase engagement.
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What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Delivering immersive user experiences in online gaming and betting.
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