HARMAN Connected Services

Engaging and holistic customer experiences

Delivered by connecting digital omnichannel user experience, cloud, mobility, insight data, AI/ML and IoT.


Digital Engineering
Be the first to deliver your customers’ needs by launching products and services faster, with our expertise in design, development, testing and maintenance.
Design and Consulting
Huemen, an in-house award-winning design agency, crafts compelling products, services and experiences to help brands realize the future.
Digital Infrastructure
Drive enterprise agility with seamless digitalization, backed by intelligent integrations and cloud-based strategies.
DefenSight: Cybersecurity Platform
Validate security threats, generate risk scores with AI/ML, and identify vulnerable assets using HARMAN DefenSight.
Artificial Intelligence
Improve customer journeys and business efficiency by unlocking the value in data using AI to pinpoint trends quickly and glean actionable insights.
Data Analytics
Augment the impact of data on your business decisions and create new avenues of customer delight with data analytics.
Cloud Engineering
Modernize your enterprise through a multi-cloud strategy with ease by boosting your systems and integrating them with cloud through our tailor-made solutions.
Generative AI
Harness state-of-the-art solutions to revolutionize creativity, problem-solving and decision-making using Generative AI
Leverage our cross-platform capabilities and domain expertise to transform your users’ experience with futuristic apps.
IoT & Sensors
Connect people, products, and systems with unique IoT capabilities and drive business efficiency and resilience with speed, agility, security, and end-to-end support.
Immersive Experiences
Elevate brand capabilities, information delivery and content development with the latest technologies in user engagement.
eNOVA - Voice Assistant
Harness generative AI to offer exceptional voice experiences.
Enabling data security and managed services across platforms, processes, and operations, customized for unique business needs.
Reimagine healthcare by harnessing the power of private LLMs
Generate accurate forecasts, anticipate trends and make informed decisions to drive success using GenAI