Semiconductor solutions

Race to market with hyper-connected tech powering your chips.

Digitalize your semiconductor fab and achieve self-sufficiency with smart chips.

Meet chip demand with ease at digital manufacturing sites

Driving customer transformation in the age of new-technology drivers such as 5G and IoT has become challenging. With an increasing demand for connected electronics, devices, and more, chipmakers are struggling to meet production and supply leading to delays in delivery. 

M​odernize your semiconductor space using our smart product engineering, silicon, embedded technology, and data analytic solutions. Enhance fabs with IoT, 5G, digital twins, and more to take the guesswork out of chip-making on a large scale. From SOC development, virtual and physical prototyping, to IC testing & validation and board design, we have the expertise to cover all of your production needs.​

How we help

We provide services to support the migration or upgrading of legacy systems and applications. Keep up with the technology shift to AI and IoT with our solutions.
Product Engineering for mobile applications
Digital VPA services
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Embedded Systems Engineering
Wearable safety devices

HARMAN is a Major Contender in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021

Semiconductor Engineering Services by HARMAN lauded for superior vision and exceptional capabilities across the value chain.

HARMAN bags Leadership Position in ER&D and IoT Services in Zinnov Zones 2020

HARMAN lauded for ER&D services, Digital Engineering, AI Engineering, OTT, and Content Monetization by Zinnov.

HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do

Enhancing low-vision experiences with AR/VR devices
See how we helped create a sleek and versatile AR/VR headset with best-in-class features to help people with low-vision experience the world better.
Wearables that bring care directly to your patients’ homes
Read how we helped a healthcare client address the need to monitor patients remotely through a plug-and-play wearable.
Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Leveraging AR and VR to drive seamless customer experience across industries.
HARMAN Connected Services bags Leadership position in ER&D and IoT Services in Zinnov Zones 2020.