HARMAN provides support on behalf of Adobe® for the Adobe AIR® software and the AIR SDK, and extended support for Adobe Flash® Player for enterprise customers. HARMAN’s offerings also include consultancy, support and migration services for companies looking to move their applications away from Flash technologies over to HTML5 via solutions such as Angular, Apache Royale and other JavaScript based frameworks.
For the AIR SDK, please visit our dedicated website at

Experience New and Enhanced Capabilities

HARMAN now provide the platform support and feature development for the AIR runtime and the SDK: AIR 33 is now released on a commercial basis, and supports 64-bit Android devices and the latest Play Store requirements. For more information about this and to download the new SDK, please visit the dedicated AIR SDK website at
HARMAN also provide bespoke and embedded versions of Adobe AIR for other platforms and products, where the distribution does not meet requirements of the SDK license agreement. To know more, please contact a HARMAN representative at 

Drive Uninterrupted Business Outcomes

Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported by Adobe or by any standard browsers beyond 2020. However, if the enterprise customers require Flash Player, then HARMAN will be able to offer them a solution that combines the regular Flash Player with customer’s SWF application. This will allow for a useful stop-gap for existing applications to continue to be used with little or no modifications, whilst long term plans for migration away from the Flash content are put into action.
HARMAN also offers alternative deployment and licensing models for Flash Player, for companies wishing to embed Flash Player into their own hardware or software products.

Migrate Seamlessly

For companies wishing to move away from the Adobe Flash technologies, HARMAN offers expertise in web application development and specifically in the migration of Flash-based content to JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks. For applications that are developed using the Apache Flex framework, HARMAN has expertise in Apache Royale which allows the application to remain with an MXML/ActionScript3 codebase and promises a lightweight responsive framework with relatively fast timescales for application migration.
HARMAN also provides migration of Flash applications using Angular and TypeScript, and can leverage their expertise in the ActionScript and SWF technologies to accelerate conversion of the codebase and assets over to the HTML frameworks. Please contact your local HARMAN sales representative, or, for an initial consultation to help determine the most appropriate migration path for your application.

Trusted, Long-term Partners

HARMAN’s partnership with Adobe started in 2006, although prior to this HARMAN had already been working on the integration of the Macromedia Flash Player onto Symbian-based mobile devices. HARMAN had been a key system integration partner within the Open Screen Project and also continued to work on the integration, extension and optimization of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for many customers in domains including automotive, digital home and consumer electronics.
During our continued partnership, HARMAN provided over 33 million licenses for the Adobe software across embedded platforms such as Linux, Windows and Android and on chipsets including 32- and 64-bit ARM, Intel and MIPS architectures. Now that Adobe are transitioning the ongoing support and maintenance of AIR, HARMAN is looking forward to working with the AIR developer ecosystem to drive the success of this cross-platform framework.


  • Easy implementation

    Unlock content velocity to speed up enterprise productivity, delivering great experiences on a variety of surfaces.

  • Secure, scalable deployment

    Continually building security into products and services, Adobe provides secure access to its creative cloud, desktop, mobile apps and more.

  • Immersive experiences inside the browser

    Create a new currency in storytelling through the use of immersive, engaging consumer experiences.

  • Extend experience beyond a browser

    Change the definition of digital experience with the use of new devices, voice-based platforms, virtual and augmented reality.

  • Introduce new revenue opportunities

    Boost Digital Cloud Marketing revenue with Adobe's Creative Cloud in the forefront.