HARMAN and Adobe: Combining Technology and Expertise to Realize the Full Potential of Flash on Devices

HARMAN’s global partnership with Adobe is aimed at shaping the next-generation digital experiences for customers through the power of Adobe's technology and our expertise. We are empowering organizations to effortlessly create digital content, deploy it across media of their choice, and measure it over time.

Our relationship with Adobe allows us to access the most current software, tools, and strategic resources to deliver standalone applications and richer mobile, television, and desktop browsing experiences for users. Let us create differentiated customer experiences and provide engaging content through apps and digital publications, amazing your customers via their tablets and smartphones.

Delivering Data-Driven Experiences with the Power of Adobe

Over ten years ago, HARMAN established a partnership with Adobe to accelerate the deployment of Adobe Flash onto mobile and embedded devices. Our forte is providing services around Adobe's digital solutions across the enterprise. The strategic partnership helps our customers develop business applications and collaborate in a smarter way. 
We are Adobe’s Community and Scaling Partner for AIR, Flash, AMC, Target, Experience Manager, Analytics products, and enjoy full source code access and licensing rights with Adobe. Also, as the Technology and Reseller Partner for Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions, we are unlocking new opportunities through data-rich digital channels for world’s leading brands.

Driving Superior Business Outcomes

Whether a team of developers wants to build stunning, 2D games for a browser or play high-quality HD video with industry-standard codecs, our global delivery capabilities combined with our partners' industry-leading technologies will allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions. Also, we offer development and optimization of Flash user interface content to provide the best usage of the Flash Platform on a particular device and run-time.


Having full source code access for Flash Player, AIR, AIR for TV and Flash Lite, and experience in Adobe Flash porting, we can integrate and verify the implementation of Flash on behalf of Adobe. We also have experience in creating native ActionScript extensions for AIR and Flash Lite, to provide access from a Flash-based UI to the hardware or middleware components that are already present on an embedded device or STB.


As a member of Adobe's Open Screen Project initiative, we implement, optimize, and provide certification of Adobe Flash Player and AIR on devices ranging from Android handsets and Windows Embedded devices to Set Top Boxes and automotive head units.

Take advantage of powerful features and flexible deployment

  • Provide superior, intuitive user experiences using prebuilt tools and Open Source Media Framework
  • Drive higher conversion rates, develop and publish high-quality content to a broadest possible audience 
  • Maintain a central source to reach all platforms or devices securely
  • Optimize data and make content available while consuming less bandwidth 
  • Boost interactivity through server-side scripting access
  • Expand your audience without preparing the assets ahead of time

Furthermore, having full access to Adobe's Customer Certification Portal and Device Certification Test allows us to handle the full lifecycle of Flash Platform integration, development, verification and maintenance - a one-stop shop for all your Flash Platform requirements.


  • Easy implementation

    Unlock content velocity to speed up enterprise productivity, delivering great experiences on a variety of surfaces.

  • Secure, scalable deployment

    Continually building security into products and services, Adobe provides secure access to its creative cloud, desktop, mobile apps and more.

  • Immersive experiences inside the browser

    Create a new currency in storytelling through the use of immersive, engaging consumer experiences.

  • Extend experience beyond a browser

    Change the definition of digital experience with the use of new devices, voice-based platforms, virtual and augmented reality.

  • Introduce new revenue opportunities

    Boost Digital Cloud Marketing revenue with Adobe's Creative Cloud in the forefront.