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Unconventional strategies to help brands innovate for the future

Blending research, branding, and design together to build unforgettable experiences and create lasting customer loyalty.

We help brands make a difference

​Huemen’s passionate team of researchers, designers and problem-solvers work together to craft experiences that are intuitive, immersive and meaningful for industry leaders and brands who believe good design is the way forward. 

We combine our research, branding and design expertise to build best-in-class innovative experiences that help brands establish an emotional connect with the users and transform them into brand evangelists.​

A record breaking 44 awards for Heumen

Heumen wins 44 Red Dot Awards for exceptional Industrial Design in the mobility, consumer products and service industries.

“HARMAN DTS has extensive experience in industrial and user experience (UX) design, development, engineering, testing and production ramp-up of integrated products."

- Ralf Steck, Lead Analyst, ISG Research

“HARMAN DTS offers design expertise and experience in quality control of integrated software/hardware solutions.”

- Ralf Steck, Lead Analyst, ISG Research

Huemen recognized with UX Design Award

We focused on innovating the supply chain experience with digital solutions for IPTOR’s suite of products that won us the recognition.

UMA: A world changing idea

Huemen's innovative concept recognized by World Changing Ideas Awards.

How we make it happen

Discover how we help brands differentiate and build lovable experiences.
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HARMAN DTS Case Studies

Designing experience strategies to forge the future

Digital Solutions to Solve Distribution’s toughest problems
See how we helped IPTOR reimagine the supply chain experience and created an experience-centric product vision.
Driver-First Innovations for Futuristic Auto Experience
See how we built an innovative concept infotainment system with many industry-firsts like augmented reality concierge.
Digital experiences for precision delivery
See how we partnered with UK-based CitySprint to build an award winning hyper-local same day delivery solution.

Inspiring the change with human-centric experiences

Blur the lines between digital and physical
Change the way people interact
Create opportunities to scale
Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
AI-powered autonomous vehicle to help enhance urban mobility while keeping you connected
Recognized at Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards for HARMAN Ignite: In-Vehicle Experience.
Applying human-centric design on end-to-end product development to meet the modern user’s expectations.