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Cloud FinOps empowers organizations to maximize the value of their cloud investments by fostering a culture of cost awareness, accountability and data-driven decision making. It helps reduce cloud spending through cost optimization, such as rightsizing resources and eliminating unused services. Through increased visibility and control over cloud spending, it enables informed decisions about resource allocation and establishes a framework for improved governance and accountability, defining ownership and implementing chargeback models to foster responsible cloud usage. Faster innovation and greater agility frees up resources for new initiatives.​

HARMAN Cloud FinOps services support organizations in designing, developing and deploying tailored solutions to achieve all these benefits.

How we make it happen

Maximize ROI with our Cloud FinOps services using AI and automation to optimize cloud spending based on KPIs. Discover how HARMAN CloudHub plays a critical role in this process.

Here's how our customers are reimagining their Cloud Operations with HARMAN Cloud FinOps.

Achieving $6M in savings
Since 2018, HARMAN has saved $6M through complete cost visibility and continuous optimization. By rightsizing resources and implementing on-demand automated provisioning, the company has maintained consistent cost efficiency and operational excellence.
Significant cost savings for automotive major
HARMAN Cloud FinOps team enabled a large automotive corporation to save nearly $300K annually through expert cost optimization. Our FinOps assessment methodology and continuous operational improvement capabilities delivered enhanced financial efficiency.


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Elevate your cloud cost strategy using AI-powered FinOps by HARMAN
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