Reimagine healthcare by harnessing the power of private LLMs

Utilizing generative AI, HealthGPT delivers customization, adaptability, continuous learning and enhanced control over roadmap, cost, privacy and security.

Generate deep domain insights from your healthcare data

HARMAN HealthGPT is a private Large Language Model (LLM) fine tuned on healthcare-specific datasets such as clinical trial data and medical records. Private LLMs such as HealthGPT can have several advantages over a public LLM. These include its ability to:
  • Capture domain-specific vocabulary, terminology and concepts that are healthcare-specific
  • Preserve the privacy and security of sensitive and confidential healthcare data
  • Be customized to specific needs and goals of healthcare enterprises, such as improving patient outcome, adherence and enhancing decision making
  • Reduce bias and noise that may be present in public data sources
HARMAN HealthGPT is designed as a versatile and powerful generative AI engine to empower healthcare professionals, researchers and innovators. HARMAN Private LLM development services harnesses its proprietary LLM fine tuning framework and methodology to drive organizational success in building private LLMs. ​

Our unique capabilities to create transformation

Deep domain understanding
Automated and agile HARMAN LLM fine tuning framework
Customizable, adaptable and cost optimized
Data privacy and security

High level workflow

Deliver unmatched natural language understanding, automation and insights

Healthcare organizations can benefit by augmenting tasks, such as information extraction, document classification, question answering and natural language generation. Optimizing performance on downstream domain specific tasks through a trained LLM in healthcare can help researchers and practitioners understand the language and context much better than general purpose LLMs.
Private LLM Development Services
End-to-end LLM fine tuning and robust data generation
Automated LLM evaluation
Efficient cost optimization
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Unlocking new possibilities with HARMAN

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