HARMAN Life-ware

HARMAN Life-ware

Technology that transforms lives by solving everyday problems with innovation.

What is HARMAN Life-ware?

With HARMAN Life-ware, we don’t just create software and hardware; we combine them to make technology more human. We deliver solutions from a people-first perspective to transform everyday lives.

These solutions simplify complex tasks and connect people worldwide. By harnessing innovation, enhancing speed to market, optimizing costs, and enhancing user experiences, we elevate their daily grind to exciting events that make people wonder, "How did we ever live without these?"

HARMAN Life-ware value proposition


Speed to Market

Cost Optimisation

Quality Assurance

User Experience

“HARMAN DTS focus on keeping humans at the core of all digital operations and services scenarios. Its Life-ware solution take a human-first approach to help clients leverage digital technologies for transforming end-customers and their market experience.”

- Lead Analyst, ISG Research

Human by design, high-tech by nature

HARMAN Life-ware is guided by our core tenets.
True partnership with customers
Human-first thought leadership
Deep technology expertise
Superior delivery

How we make it happen

How we mold each spark to create Life-ware: enriching everyday life with technology.
Digital transformation

Give technology the vigor to serve ever-changing human needs

Discover how our wide array of solutions are being applied across use cases to improve human life in every way.
Better LivingBetter Living
Our better living solutions simplify caregiving and open up possibilities for positive community impact. Learn how we’re doing it by helping a diagnostics pioneer create a positive impact on neurodivergent persons.
Digital transformation in life sciences
Smarter ConnectivitySmarter Connectivity
Our smarter connectivity solutions are designed to make every interaction more meaningful. See how our award-winning smart cell device, Amplify, is doing it by creating powerful new convergence experiences.
smart connectivity
Smarter InfrastructureSmarter Infrastructure
Our smarter infrastructure solutions make the world a safer and a better place to live in. Find out how our products are doing it by helping an Oil and Gas technology pioneer set better operational standards.
smart city platform
Our thinking

Unlock new possibilities with HARMAN Life-ware

What does it take to give technology a new life and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary?
Transforming everyday experiences with HARMAN Life-ware
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