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HARMAN: Aligning with Amazon Web Services DevOps

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​HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions offers an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps practice that helps customers improve their software delivery pipeline while achieving faster time to market.

Here's some of the ways HARMAN is helping drive business and technological outcomes through our partnership with AWS:

Scalability and flexibility
These services can be used to build scalable and flexible infrastructures such as EC2, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling. This accelerates the response time for in demand, helping ensure that software can be delivered quickly and reliably.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery
We provide a complete CI/CD pipeline that that helps organizations build, test and deploy applications automatically. It also helps in identifying and fixing issues quickly, minimizing the risk of errors and downtime. There are several AWS tools available to automate the CI/CD pipeline: CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. Through these tools, enterprises can streamline the development process, reduce costs and improve the overall quality of project deliverables.

Improved security
AWS DevOps offers strong security features that help protect enterprise applications and data. Its security services such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Key Management Service (KMS) and Security Hub help secure applications and data against cyber threats.

Reduced costs
With AWS DeveOps, customers only pay for the resources they use, which substantially reduces costs.  Moreover, AWS has several services that can optimize the infrastructure including Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and AWS Cost Explorer.

Improved collaboration
AWS DevOps provides a collaborative environment that allows development and operations teams to seamlessly work together. Collaboration tools, such as AWS CodeCommit and AWS CodePipeli​​ne, help teams share code and track changes. The result is improved communication, reduced errors and better overall software quality.

In conclusion, AWS DevOps presents a myriad of advantages that empower businesses to enhance their software delivery pipeline and achieve accelerated time-to-market. The implementation of AWS DevOps practices and tools has consistently enabled our customers to streamline their development process while elevating the overall quality of their software. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to leave a note here​.​