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What happened in Barcelona: Highlights from MWC 2018

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​​As this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) comes to an end, it is time to review a few of the more interesting details of the event. Some of the technology trends in evidence at the conference were in the areas of robotics, Augmented Reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT).​

The excitement surrounding MWC 2018 was remarkable - over 107,000 visitors from 205 countries experienced how mobile-connected products and services are redefining the future.


Over four days, HARMAN delved into topics ranging from AI-powered digital assistants to Industrial IoT solutions. Our showcases focused on how our products work in the real world, offering first-hand experience from industry leaders.


Just in case you missed something, here is a quick rundown of the highlights:




HARMAN and PTC form an alliance to create groundbreaking mixed reality platform for enterprises - HARMAN extended its Industrial IoT collaboration with PTC to develop revolutionary mixed reality platforms for enterprises. Through this collaboration, we plan to integrate AR functionality into the HARMAN Media Suite with PTC’s Vuforia AR platform and empower enterprises to create immersive, next-generation content for training, communications and additional field service enablement.


HARMAN and Samsung ARTIK usher in breakthrough IoT technology in key industries - committed to bringing the most innovative IoT solutions to the market, we are working with Samsung’s smart IoT platform, ARTIK. The combination of HARMAN’s gateway along with Samsung ARTIK secure System-on-Modules (SoMs) and cloud services will provide reliable, end-to-end solutions for both products and value-added services for markets including, manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities, smart homes and smart buildings.




AI-powered bots and digital assistants


We showcased the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies by adopting smart sensor technology and using cognitive intelligence. Our AI-based, intelligent speakers demonstrated how easy it is to access information and carry out everyday tasks with simple voice commands. Having introduced the human touch in digital consumer devices, we are driving superior customer interactions.



HARMAN Ignite 


Integrating cloud technology, we showcased how this platform could intelligently deliver personal content/preferences in any vehicle the consumer accesses. OEM’s found that they could meet the safety, convenience, information, and entertainment needs of a consumer by customizing several features including, device management, application enablement, and analytics. 


Over-The-Air update solution with Smart Delta technology 


We engaged many visitors in discussions about our OTA update solution with Smart Delta technology and how it allows organizations to distribute updates and run security patches via a secure, standards-compliant software and device management service. 




IoT enabled connected technologies


From Internet-of-Things enabled connected navigation system to a connected enterprise, we are embedding smart technology into numerous real-life contexts. Our interactive IoT showcase and in-depth discussions covered everything from IoT Gateway to Smart Retail. We expressed how advanced AI and IoT connectivity, can help businesses generate value and explore new opportunities to revolutionize the industry.  



Augmented reality solutions


We demonstrated a variety of AR experiences. One of the most exciting things on display was the Georgia Aquarium AR demo. The app that identifies 50 animal classes with 90% accuracy drew in a lot of attention. Having engineered digital platforms through a combination of IoT, machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cloud, and analytics, we are set to transform businesses, making it more Connected, Cognitive and Conversational.




HARMAN Quick Predict 


HARMAN Quick Predict, an Industrial IoT solution was a huge hit with our visitors. Using advanced machine learning algorithms at the edge, this solution assists in the prediction of any potential failure based on real-time capture and analysis of abnormal vibration patterns at the gateway. Utilizing HARMAN Quick Predict, administrators will be able to increase equipment uptime and optimize the use of their workforce by reducing the number of emergency repairs.


Smart building, smart retail, and smart factory


We presented solutions to companies that were seeking a secure, flexible platform with premier connected technologies. Our industry-leading solution demonstrated how it could simplify communication between building systems and the cloud. Visitors witnessed HARMAN’s omnichannel systems of engagement that improve building asset utilization, provide real-time occupancy tracking, and remote monitoring for an organization.




World-class user experience and design-led engineering


Bringing the latest to customers, we discussed how our human-centered approach to design is helping us engineer products that redefine user interfaces and deliver flawless design. We showcased how our insight-driven strategies and design-led engineering have helped us transform ideas into experiences - converting users into fans.




Partner showcase


Building a shared vision for the future, we displayed several innovations that we have created along with our partners at our booth.




As ever, MWC never fails to amaze us, and we can’t believe how quickly it went! It wasn’t just about mobile; if anything, the event focused more on the underlying technologies like IoT, smart cities and artificial intelligence.


If you would like to schedule an exclusive meeting to discuss our solutions or would like a demo presentation, please feel free to contact us.​