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Creating Powerful Teams : A guide to get more out of Microsoft Teams

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What if Microsoft Teams can achieve even more in a more purposeful way so ideas feel free and evolve organically? In this article, discover how you can customize every experience to increase engagement and productivity with Microsoft Teams.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teams for The New Normal​​​

The energy and trust built from social interactions have long been the foundation for successful team building; social bonds and connections help teams to efficiently collaborate, generating exceptional outcomes. The current pandemic crisis has put these workplace connections to test.

Luckily, Microsoft Teams has lived up to the challenge. It is a hub for collaboration and communication across business units and geographies. Being a part of Microsoft 365 family, Teams combines meetings, calls, chat, and collaboration into a single tool that preserves context and keeps everyone up to speed​​.


SOURCE: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2020/04/09/remote-work-trend-report-meetings

Productivity is different for every business (enterprise, retail, education, healthcare, etc.) and every team has unique requirements that helps them connect and collaborate, efficiently. Below are some of the ways to implement frictionless, scalable, and customizable Microsoft Teams:

Go beyond-the-box

Seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with existing platforms can offer functionalities and features that would otherwise require extensive development. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box functionality combined with ready-to-implement custom components can drive transformation at speed and scale for any organization. Post integration of the out-of-the-box features with the existing environment, organizations can engage a partner to enable custom functionalities.

At HARMAN, we start by examining the current ecosystem and growth requirements. Then, leveraging our ready-to-implement custom components for Microsoft Teams, we help organizations to further modernize their workspaces. Our ready-to-implement component toolbox includes:

​​​Graph Se​rvicesAuto Sign-out
Storage ServicesMicrosoft Teams Icon Service
Notifications BotsToken Manager
FAQ & NLP BotsFeedback App
Lifecycle ManagerShift Management
Subscription ManagerUI Templates
Content ExporterPowerBI Templates
Policy RepositoryConnector Templates​

​Identify modules that fit your need​​

Once organizations begin their workspace modernization journey with Microsoft Teams, various requirements become evident. For instance, many organizations want to ensure that Microsoft Teams can handle their traffic and data volume requirements. For this, Microsoft Office 365 offers organizations the ability to add unlimited users. Each team(paid) can have up to 5,000 members with 1 TB of file storage per organization and 10 GB per license. This type of account gives organizations access to services like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive for cloud storage and synchronization and Microsoft Exchange for email hosting and custom email domains. Organizations can also schedule and record meetings and conduct audio conferences. Microsoft also empowers users by automatically creating a matching plan that includes SharePoint Team Site, Office 365 Group, and shared OneNote. This plan gives them dedicated administrative tools to manage users, apps, and features.

Before you start implementation, knowledge of these Microsoft Teams-specific offerings can help you plan better. This is where HARMAN’s extensive experience in Microsoft Teams environment proves beneficial. We can not only help organizations enable the right policies and settings but also avoid delays and rework occurring due to mismatch in requirements.

Unlock advanced features to customize experiences

Integrating other Microsoft and third-party apps with Microsoft Teams can create enriching experiences. It can help organizations achieve specific objectives for productivity, project management, content sharing, education, and communication.

HARMAN, with long years of association with Microsoft, can help organizations take customization to the next level by building custom connectors. Also, organizations can create new possibilities by introducing existing Graph-API Partner apps directly into Microsoft Teams meeting experience.

For example, an automotive company can use Microsoft Teams to connect their existing suppliers to manufacturing hubs and dealerships. Those dealerships can use Microsoft Teams combined with a Microsoft Power App to create profiles for their prospective customers. Furthermore, AI-powered bots can help dealership managers identify the most likely next steps to connect with prospects.

Partner with an expert

Microsoft Teams is – without a doubt – an excellent collaboration and communication solution for any business. However, it is equally important to choose the right implementation partner who can manage your scaling and customization requirements. Knowledge of ancillary apps and custom connectors for Microsoft Teams is also critical, as it can help in the optimal utilization of Microsoft Teams.

HARMAN is a trusted partner for end-to-end implementation of Microsoft Teams as an enterprise collaboration platform – enabling customization, integration, and deployment. Leveraging our technical expertise and skilled workforce we can accelerate implementation and execute a successful migration.

To get more out of Microsoft Teams, contact us